Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 15 Updates, Vote Talk/Sex Talk 2:00 am BBT Wednesday 7-17-13

Patio: Aaryn asks Spencer how many people he has had sex with. He says about 46. He wants to know how many she has had...

Lounge: Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Candice talking about the hat sitting incident. Candice says I didn't sit on the hat (shows them her butt). She says I put on my makeup, had it on maybe 2 minutes then sat it on the counter, then she went off about who had it on. I went upstairs, and came back down and there he was, in jeans with no underwear, fluffs her hair and dons some surfer talk... David was like why did you sit on her hat? She says then I went out and talked calmly to her (true) She says I needed to make the show and needed them to zoom on my a** to show the hat would have been ruined. I had my Bill Clinton moment.. I did not. Andy says we'll see when we see the episode. Candice is paged to the DR. They all laugh as she tries to fix her hair and puts on her hat... says this is me, the Madhatter. Andy says that had to go down as one of the dumbest fights.

BB pages Howard to the DR. Amanda says Candice and Howard in the DR?

Patio: Gina, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn. Kaitlin says Aaryn that doesn't mean I don't like sex, I'm just particular. Aaryn talks about her trainer then goes inside. Jeremy says I hate my life right now, f*ing s*cks being behind cameras... makes me want to go home and spank one out real quick. Aaryn returns, as does Spencer. And here's Andy. Gina says masturbation hour. Andy says I'm having sex dreams. Jeremy says he dreamed of being in the BB Canada house and toking up... says sex everywhere. Andy says we should save the alcohol and then chug it before the live show. Talk returns to asexuality. Aaryn says I would sooner hang myself than not have sex when I want it. Gina talks to Andy about how he can spank it in the shower. Gina paged to the DR. Jeremy washes his feet in the hot tub. Aaryn talks about her sex dreams.

HOH: Judd, Elissa and Helen. Talking about Howard saying that he might vote to keep Jeremy if he gets enough votes. Elissa says he probably was just saying that. Judd sys well I'll know when I talk to him tomorrow. Helen doesn't think that Howard threw the comp. She says its more about lying because he has lied too much. Judd says Jeremy said you wanted an all girl allance. Elissa says I said I wanted to work with girls, I'm not threatened by girls. She says I want Aaryn to go. Judd says so not getting rid of all the guys. Talking about why Spencer changed his vote from keeping Nick. Helen says he heard we had the numbers.

{sidebar id=8}Elissa asks Judd who he would put up. He says Kaitlin and Gina, and MVP can put up Aaryn. Helen says Amanda and McCrea want Howard out. Judd says not Aaryn first? Helen says if she won HOH who would she put up. Elissa says me. Helen says she promised me she wouldn't. Judd says besides Knockouts, we have Candice, Jessie, Spencer and Howard. Helen says Jessie deserves to make it to jury. Judd says she stopped being a puppet and is playing her own game. Her vote is what kept Elissa here. If she had stayed on that side, Spencer and Howard would have sent Elissa home. Helen says she is plotting to get Spencer and Howard to her side, she thinks she has kaitlin. They worry that Gina might get HOH. Judd says she will put me and Spencer up. Howard comes in and says he is going to bed and tells them good night. He leaves. Elissa says that was scary. Judd says I need to talk to him before he goes to bed, you guys need rest anyway. He says it is crucial we get every HOH till they are gone. Judd says make Gina a Have Not if you get HOH. Helen says I want Aaryn to be a Have Not before she leaves. Elissa says she made us have nots two weeks in a row, then put both mom on the block. He hugs them, says good night and leaves.

Patio: Same group, same subject.

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