America's Got Talent: Recap For July 31, 2013

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Recap For July 31, 2013

Hello and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight, four more acts will make it through to the semifinals and a chance to win a million dollar headlining act in Vegas.

We get a recap of last night's performances and a joke about Howard Stern getting his nap, we get a performance from Robin Thicke. He always makes me melt with his performances. LOVE him.

Innovative Force, Sruck Boyz and Aquanuts are all called to the stage to find our their results. The act going into the semi finals is….Innovative Force! There are hugs and tears all around as they talk about how happy they are. Heidi is thrilled and congratulates them.

Brad Byers, Kid The Wiz and David Shirley are the next to find out where they stand. The act moving to the semi-finals is……none of them.

After a Brad Paisley performance and some fun with the Smurfs, we get the fate of Marty Brown, Alexander Magada and Ciana Peleaki. The act moving on to the next round is……Marty Brown!! What a shock for him and a thank you to his fans! Howard is shocked by this turn of events and says this is a wakeup call for him.

Forte, Angela Hoover and Tone the Chiefrocca are all called to the stage. America has voted, the act moving on to the next round is…..FORTE!!!! Howie says this is no surprise and teases Mel B. about it.

Angela and Tone the Chiefrocca are still awaiting their fates. This time, it is up to the judges to decide who will make it through.

Heidi votes for her B-Double O-TY guys.
Mel B. votes for Angela.
Howie decides on more B-Double O-TY!
Howard decides on Angela.

It goes down to America's vote now, which gives Angela another chance.

Join us next week for more America's Got talent on NBC. Goodnight.

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