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The Bachelorette: Recap For May 27, 2013 DesireeThe Bachelorette
Recap For May 27, 2013

Hello and welcome to the season premiere of The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight Desiree Hartsock will begin her journey for love by meeting 25 special suitors.

Before we begin, I want to say happy Memorial Day and thank all those who sacrificed for our freedom and those who continue to fight for our country so we can have said freedom. I have such a deep respect for those in the armed forces.

The show opens with a preview of what to expect this season. It looks like there will be a lot of drama, fighting and traveling to exotic locations. Some of the battles between the men make me wonder who is there for the right reasons and what Desiree will have to face.

Once we get the previews out of the way, Desiree and Chris Harrison meet up to discuss her journey and get her settled into the mansion. We also get a look at her past journey with Sean. She is also given a Bentley….a BENTLEY…..wow. She is also Cinderella in the flesh.

Cue montage of her shopping to a song about her being crazy, crazy beautiful. She also has a chat with Chris Harrison about the journey, what she expects and how much she wants to fall in love.

Desiree gets ready for her journey and heads back to the mansion while Chris tells us about what to expect this season.

Bryden is an Iraq War Veteran. I just want to take a moment to thank him for his service to our country.  He only had one serious relationship and says he is loyal, sensitive and protective.

Will is a banker from Chicago who is into yoga.

Drew is a digital marketing analyst who has a alcoholic dad and a handicapped sister. He says it caused him to grow up fast and thinks Des is perfect for him.

Nick R. likes suits and is a magician.

Zak W likes being shirtless and naked. Maybe he can be in Magic Mike 2 if this doesn't work out.

Robert invented the spinning sign and thinks Des will be a good mommy to his dog.

Mike R. is a dentist from London who is ready to settle down.

Brandon is an adrenaline junkie and loves to be outside. His mom struggled from addiction. He appreciates life and is ready to meet Desiree.


It is time for Des to meet her men.

Drew says she looks amazing and is nervous.

Brooks is says she looks stunning and is nervous.

Brad says she looks amazing and brings a wishbone for them to break. She wins.

Bryden says she looks stunning.

Michael G. takes her on a walk to the wishing well to get the penny she threw. I seriously thought he was going to bust his ass and fall into the well. He gives up the search and gives her a new one to throw in, right hand over left shoulder.

Kasey is in social media and hashtags everything. #theperfectbachelorette, #marriagematerial #letthejourneybegin….#thiswillgetannoyingfast, #noteverythingneedsahashtag

Will high fives her and calls her a goddess. He calls her Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Cute. He wants a mythical name too.

Mikey says that as an older brother he understands her brother and family is very important to him.

Jonathan gives her a fantasy suite card and she says she is not that kind of girl.

Zak W asks if she will accept his abs. He is shirtless. He entered the house shirtless. WOW.

James says loyalty is love.

Larry is a doctor that tries to get her to dance but ends up ripping her dress.

Nick R. turns a paper rose into a real one.

Zack K. is wearing Chuck Taylors with his suit.

Diogo says he is her knight in shining armor….and is in a suit of armor….am I the only one who finds it romantic?

Chris gets down on one knee and gives a romantic speech and asks if she can tie his shoe.

Mike R. looks like he escaped from the set of Miami Vice.

Robert removes his tie.

Juan Pablo gives her a lesson on how to pronounce his name.

Brandon apparently thinks he is Leader of the Pack by showing up on a motorcycle.

Brian says he is not in a suit because he does it every day.

Micah is in a suit he designed himself.  It says Hi Des on the front and Designed by this guy on the back.

Nick M. reads her a poem.

Dan tells her how pretty she looks.

Brody comes out to give her a rose. He melts Des's heart right away. Brody is 4…and is with his dad Ben, who wants him to know he is the most important person in his life. Brody wants to stay, but he has to go home.


Chris tells Des she can give out roses throughout the night the way Sean did. #Iwantarose from Kasey. I hope this isn't a recurring theme throughout the season.

Des gives a toast to the men and begins to spend time with them.

Nick R. makes Des disappear for a few minutes but makes it sound like a magic trick. They chat a bit, and then Brandon comes along to make Nick R. disappear so he can have time with Des. He tells her about how he missed his birthday party to do the show and gives her his mom's sobriety coin. He says he wants her to have it until hometown dates, when she will give it to him.

Ben tells Des about how he had a baby with a friend and how much Brody means to him. He is also a big time family man.

There is already a lot of drama and tension in the air. People seem annoyed with Ben talking about Brody.

Ben gets the first impression rose.

Shirtless guy Zak  reminds me of the dude from the Bachelor episode of Psych. He jumps in the pool and #majorshrinkage. Seriously, enough with the hashtags!  Zak gets a rose.

Bryden talks about his dog and being in the military. He mentions a kid he would mentor there and gets a rose.

Juan Pablo plays soccer. Drew gets a rose.

After more socializing and trying to win Des's heart, Jonathan sets up a Fantasy Suite and says he is going to kiss Des on the mouth. REALLY? Des says no suite, but will sit with him. They talk, but he keeps making her uncomfortable. He says his mom thinks he is good-looking and sits in the suite by himself. Oh, good grief.  He takes her away from another guy and tries again to get her into the suite and then Des gets fed up and sends him home.

Chris comes in to tell everyone how seriously Des takes this and how she wants to be treated.

Rose Ceremony time. Ben, Zak W, Bryden, Drew, Nick M. and Michael all have roses already. Jonathan was eliminated after his Fantasy Suite obsession got out of hand.

Brandon, Zack K, Will, Brooks, Juan Pablo, Brad, Kasey, James, Robert, Brian, Dan, Chris and with the final rose tonight, in case we all forgot how to count,…..Mikey all get roses.

Larry is disappointed and embarrassed to be sent home early. He said he practiced a lot for the intro and it messed up this time.

Nick R. thinks he has a lot to offer and that Des made a mistake.

Diogo is completely lost and doesn't know what to do.


We get more previews of the season and magician outtakes. Join us next week for more Bachelorette recaps and tweets! Goodnight.

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