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Hi everyone~! Another bites the dust from last tribal, 16 left to take a stab at the million bucks. That is, if they don’t get stabbed in the back before the night is over!

The Hustler tribe seems a bit weak to me, but maybe that is because they just lost Simone. One would think that would make them happy she really didn’t pull her weight around the camp. Poor Lauren, looks like she is stuck more as a babysitter than having teammates, for her sake, I hope she makes it to a merge of older members. She is growing on me, she is levelheaded, just not in the right tribe.

Hero tribe seems to flourish food wise. They seem to be super paranoid between members. They can’t seem to get past the first blow up they had at the first tribal. They seem to be juggling Alan or JT to be next to go from this tribe. This is even before the challenges.

Healers, love the cute couple Jessica and Cole.  He is definitely as smitten with her as she is with him. He told her Joe has the idol and that he found it with him. She loves it that she has the secret too as secrets are power…what will they do? Blind side him vote him out with the idol if they go to jury? I love when that happens!!   Too funny, they just thought about it but Jessica is all paranoid because now Cole told the other girls too which makes Jess mad. Her kind of mad is not my kind of mad that’s for sure, she’s pretty laid back, im sure she will have words with Cole in private for us to hear! So much for that love fest…

It’s time for the immunity challenge and reward all in one, is that different? Usually there are two challenges. this is the obstacle line course, stack blocks at the end. Reward, four chickens, second place, a dozen eggs from the chickens! They all get through the course, and now knocking down the blocks, Heros and Healers win again, Hustlers go back to Tribal. If they are smart, they would just take out Patrick, he wouldn’t let anyone else throw to get the blocks down. I will be bummed if Lauren goes but not surprised.

Well, they didn’t show the winning team with the chickens and eggs just go right to the hustlers, and how they will vote etc. andl on to tribal, Lauren is going to try her best to talk the others to get rid of Patrick. She is pretty good but Patrick is such a smarta**.. Even at tribal, he is an idiot. I love it that Lauren says Patrick is aggrevating while she wrote down his name, but I am pretty sure, she is going…how sad…see ya later ….PATRICK~!!! I just yelled so loud I scared both of my dogs!!Hehehe…he says, “you guys are horrible’ and gives them a dirty evil eye and jeff snubs out his torch. I loved it…ha…that was great…Lauren is the hustler of the day…great show…can’t wait for next week, new tribes are coming…enjoy your day.



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