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Tonight Surivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers opens with the Hustlers worrying about who may be the next target.  Lauren worries about being included, and Devon worries that he might be next. Lauren worries about Patrick's statement at Tribal Council that he does not trust everyone.  Each tribe member feels that they may be his target.

 Ali realizes that Patrick brings a lot to the table, with a good work ethic, and  he is a good competitor which is more than others who do not bring a lot to the table. She decides to help him temper his social game.

On Heroes Ben and Chrissy feel that they are running the game. Ben says that JP is good to have around camp, and Allen is a hothead. They feel that Ashley may be an asset to their game. Allen struggles to open a coconut.  He seems to be expending more energy to open it than it will provide. JP catches fish and Ashley is falling for him. She feels that he is their provider and finds him to be dreamy. Ashley has to play it distant with JP since Allen blew up their budding relationship in the first week.  

Crissy and Ben strategize as they carry water and they both feel that Ashley and JP are working together. Ben does not see them lasting if they proceed as a power couple.

Healers feel that they are working well together and Joe is happy that they have been winning.  Cole and Jessica find themselves attracted to each other.  Jessica admits that she is a virgin and Cole sees her as his dream girl.  He admits to her that he has the idol and she is elated that she has been shared this information. On Survivor, knowledge is power and she kisses him on the cheek.  

Patrick saunters casually into the jungle and Ryan speculates that he has gone looking for the idol.  Patrick decides that a Hustler does not stop, so he doesn't care if it comes back to haunt him. Ali worries that Patrick has no social game and she warns him that it does not look good for him. Patrick says that he may not be able to create relationships if he cannot be himself.

Desi notices that Joe complains when the food is not cooked to his likeing and she does not like that he tosses the food away. Cole sees Joe's idol as making him unpredictible and he decides to share that Joe has the idol. Jessica does not like that he told everyone, and Roark thinks that it makes Joe a super blindside candidate. Jessica does not think that this is the best strategy, and she is especially put off that Cole announced it to the others. If Joe gets wind of this and uses it, it may put someone else in danger, and she worries that it might be her or Cole.

Jeff calls the tribes for the immunity challenge. They will race through a series of obstacles, use sand bags to knock blocks off an edge and then stack them. The first tribe to finish wins three chickens and one rooster. The second place tribe gets a dozen eggs, courtesy of the first prize chickens.

The tribes move under and over to a net that they must climb, relying on each other to get up and over the net. The Heroes are out ahead, but the Healers and Hustlers are right there. All three tribes toss sandbags to knock down their blocks, and the Healers are now out in the lead with just one block to go. They get it, but right behind them are the Heroes, and they gather their blocks to stack their blocks. They must use each other to get their blocks stacked one atop the other.  They stand on each other's shoulders to stack. The Healers finish, but they have missed a block, so the Heroes get their blocks stacked first and head back to their mat. They win immunity and the chickens. The Healers now get that last block placed and head back to the mat. They come in second and win immunity and the eggs. The Hustlers get to head to Tribal Council again.

Lauren comments that Patrick was a one man band in the competition and didn't leave room for the others to knock down the blocks. She wants to be sure that Patrick is the target at tonight's Tribal Council.

Returning to camp, Patrick realizes that he should have let someone sub in for him since he was not knocking the targets down. He apologizes and Ryan tells him that he knows he tried his hardest. Devon tells him that Lauren wants him out, but he is good. Patrick feels that with Devon, Ali, and Ryan on his side he is good. Lauren speaks to him privately and tells him that it cost them since he was a one man team. Lauren tells him that redheads don't lie well, and that she knows that he is targeting him. Lauren knows that she tried her hardest, and when she speaks to Patrick he grins at her. Lauren tells Ryan that she trusts Ali and Devon and him, but not Lauren. Ryan and Devon feel that they are in position to determine the vote and they can't decide if it should be Patrick or Lauren. Devon feels that he would rather get to the merge with Lauren, but with Lauren an not Patrick they will probably lose the next challenge. He feels she is steadier than Patrick, and Patrick did lose the competition for them.

At Tribal Council Jeff asks at what point do they stop talking about getting along and decide to look at the big picture. Lauren mentions Patrick's sandbagging the sandbags, and she says that you need to lose together and win together. She tells him that when they went up there their were five of them and he ignored them. Ali says that she does not like to dwell on the past and they may have even been slower as a team. Patrick says that it is good to be supported. Lauren says that Patrick is a good idol hunter. Lauren says that she has not been looking for the idol yet. Patrick and Lauren agree that one of them will be blindsided.

Jeff reminds them that in a relationship the therapist will tell them to talk and get it out.  Jeff asks if the chemistry is not just right in this group.  Devon wants to get the chemistry together for their tribe. Ryan says that they need to be best positioned at the merge to play their social game. Patrick says that he can make friends, and Ali says that he can't get along with Lauren. Patrick says that he welcomes criticism because he is learning and growing from it. Jeff asks them if moments like this can flip a tribe. Ryan says that they are shining up a crappy little tricycle and trying to sell it at the merge. He does feel that his tribe has real unity.

The votes:
Jeff asks for a hidden immunity idol. No one uses one.
Patrick, Lauren, Patrick, Patrick. Patrick is voted out of Survivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers. He tells the tribe that they are awful. Jeff gives them some advice. He tells them that tribal is an end for somebody, but it appears to be a rebirth for the rest of the tribe.

Patrick speaks:
He says it is the worst thing and it hurt him that they did not keep their word. He really trusted Devon and Ali and it was too early in the game for him to go.  He hopes that they do not win.  

Next episode:
Just when you think that you are on top, the game turns upside down when the castaways switch buffs and tribes.

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