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By Cozy2

Hi everyone~~! New show, new people, new challenges, doesn’t get much better than getting out the rif-raff that brings the team down, see ya later Simone! This weeks tribal was a little bit shocking to me as i really thought they were going to vote off the obnoxious Patrick but no, they had to keep that drama another week just to irritate Lauren.

I have to say, I like the three team split, makes for more intricate relationships and the new twist though may not have helped the gal in the end of the last tribal ceremony, she was surely aware to keep it as a pawn for future play, and when she finds out who gave it to who her, could see new game play arise.

I am still trying to learn their names so bear with me a bit.  First ill just talk about the teams, easier for me. The Hustlers are not surprising to be weak players, they just seem to laid back and want stuff handed to them,and when the Healers guy Joe found the idol, and asked for help to find it from Cole, I was shocked! I think I would have thought a little contemplating might be a good thing, the salt air is already getting to their heads! By the promos for next week, they may flush out the idol ..these guys are nuts if they loose this soon to loose the idol..but maybe that is their go with the flow strategy.The healers may be have a little more 'Hustle' in them than the Hustlers do!

The Healers, I don’t feel very healing vibes coming from them, more so cut throat already. The Heros, they will probably win and eat a lot this season. Though the rewards were the same as most seasons, the gear will help them a lot thru out the down time we never get to see.

I loved the new puzzle spinner they had them compete in ..I wonder if the other two teams have the same immunity idol buried near their water supply. I hope they do more spinning twists like last week and I wonder who is going next…haven’t picked a favorite but I am sure one or two will hit my radar soon. Enjoy your day.



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