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Tonight Surivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers opens with the Heroes returning to camp, discussing Katrina's exit from the tribe. A core four formed, leaving Chrissy and Katrina alone.  With Chrissy holding the Super Idol, she decides not to use it, sending Katrina home.

Chrissy laughs at the Super Idol, although without power, could give the illusion of power, which may save her in the future.

Ashley feels that Allen is off the ropes and the core four realizes it, they can get rid of him.  JP tells us that the core four is no longer in play and it is every man for himself now.

The Hustlers have some momentum going and Devon and Ryan seem to have clicked. Ryan feels that no one is bonding with Simone, but the rest of them seem to have bonded.  Simone is happy to have an adventure, but laments the lack of air conditioning.  She feels that she has a great ability to hustle and adapt. She is from a family of ten, and feels that she can adapt. Ali sees Simone as a diva, but wants to support her and sees her as a loyal person who is easily molded.

The healers are using the sea for food, and Jessica is out spear fishing.  Cole thinks that she is cute and flirts with her even though she is turning thirty. Mike thinks that this is a tribe of beautiful women.  Joe still wonders if Mike has an idol, but decides to go searching for it.  He feels that he can achieve a lot in a small period of time.  Joe finds a clue to the idol on a tree. He confides that he has found a clue to Cole.  Cole feels that this might be the greatest day ever.  Joe thinks that it might be on the raft, but Cole thinks that it can't be on the raft. He gets a look at the clue and realizes that it is the well.

Joe realizes that it is a risk, but he couldn't find it on his own, and when he finds it at the well, he wonders if Cole is going to share the information with the others.

The Heroes find food when JP goes spear fishing.  JP says that he wants to keep people happy and he likes seeing them fed. JP wants to keep his rep up and explains that he and Ashley are not a couple. Chrissy is an actuary by profession and she wants to use that skill to figure the odds and she feels that Ben has a lot of social charm, so he is her best bet to join up with. Ben sees that Chrissy has a good head on her shoulders and sets his alliance with Allen aside.

On the Hustlers, Patrick picks up a crab and realizes that he is scared of them. He decides to ramp up his social game to stay under the radar, but Lauren finds him too loud and too rambunctuous. She wants him to shut up. Lauren says she is not a social butterfly, but she decides to work with Ali. Ali wonders about her original idea to team up with Patrick since he is annoying others and rethinks her relationship with Lauren.

Jeff calls the Tribes to the immunity challenge. Jeff explains that the challenge is for three members of each tribe to swim out and gather three bundles of a direction puzzle. When the puzzle pieces are returned to the beach the remaining two members must construct the puzzle. They must swim to a buoy, untie the puzzle bag and then maneuver it through a cage to release it. The Hustlers get a lead when Devon gets the first bundle in.  Devon takes off again and all three tribes have one bundle.  Devon is close to lapping the others when he gets his second bundle back and heads out again.  The Hustlers have a huge lead as they head back to shore with their bundles. The Heroes now have all three parts and the Healers fall behind.  All pieces and members of the tribe must be on the platform before they can build. The signpost puzzle has places visited by former Survivor shows.

The Healers seem to be catching up, but the Hustlers are close. The Hustlers are down to one piece, but it is not right.  The Hustlers get close, but the Healers win it. They will receive a huge pile of fishing equipment including traps and poles. The second tribe to complete the Heroes come in second and get lures and line.

The Hustlers must go to tribal council. Devon immediately feels that Simone will be the one to go.  She is not a good fit with their tribe and that was demonstrated during the challenge. Back at camp, Simone explains that she is not one of the strongest people here, but she needs to play an advantage in knowing that Patrick is annoying. Lauren agrees that Patrick doesn't even listen, and that may hurt them even if he is strong. The ladies agree that Simone may not be a strong competitor, but she does listen.  When the men gather, they decide that Simone must go.  Ali tells Ryan what Simone said and his initial reaction is that Simone has to go, but when he rethinks it, he decides that he wants to align with predictible people who will be loyal, and that Patrick may not be the best choice. Ali is reluctant to focus on Patrick since they have been loyal to each other from the beginning and she thinks he would go to the mat for her.

Ryan explains that Tribal Council is the birthday party for the kid you don't like, but the tribe gets along well. Lauren hopes that they won't see him for a long time. Ali points out that when you vote someone out, it will impact your game. Patrick wants to keep their tribe strong. Ryan says that you can't focus on physicality and there are different agendas in play. Simone feels that they need to build a body that they can trust. Ali says that someone who wants to stay tight with others is a good choice. Patrick slips and says that he trusts most of the tribe members and then realizes that he has slipped up.  He corrects it to all.  He feels uncomfortable that someone would vote out the only redhead on the tribe when he feels he is very trustworthy.

Ryan feels that leaving chops your story and it would be awful to see the game continue without you.  Simone says that she is scared one hundred percent of the time, but she does not want to go home.

The votes:
Jeff asks for a hidden immunity idol. No one has one.
Patrick, Simone, Simone, Simone, Simone.  Simone is the second person to be voted out of the game. She waves goodbye. Jeff says that the bad news is that they lost a tribe member.  The good news is that it is early in the game, and when you get knocked down, you get back up. He sends them back to camp.

Simone speaks:
Simone is sad that her adventure is over, and she feels she was blindsided. She says she is sad, but living with it.  

Next episode:
A war erupts between Patrick and Lauren, and Cole, knowing Joe has the idol, is uncomfortable with it.


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