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Recap For May 29, 2013

Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. Tonight, our top nineteen home cooks are chosen for a chance to compete at the title. They will be judged by the three greats: Joe Bastainich, Graham Elliot and Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Howard is an Army Veteran who wants a Masterchef apron. First, thank you for your service to our great country. He makes a bourbon peach cobbler that is 'rustic an charming' according to Chef Ramsay. However, he feels there is too much alcohol, and says no. Graham votes yes. Joe takes him to his grandma so he can get his apron.

There more cooks rejected, and then we get to Jonny B, who makes lobster crackerjacks. Although the dish is unusual, it gets him an apron.

Chef Ramsay greets the contestants and tells them they are about to have their next challenge.  He releases lambs and tells them that they will be cooking lamb….but not killing, skinning and then cooking it, thank goodness. They have 60 minutes to cook the best lamb dish of their entire life.

Everyone gets to work. There is a lot of pushing, shoving and carrying on as they go to get the ingredients they need. The judges walk around, asking questions, making comments and wondering how it is all going to work out.

Forty-five minutes in, people start to get eliminated. Gabrielle, James and Brian are among those eliminated.

Before long, time is up and it is time for the judges to come to a decision.

The cooks are divided into two groups. One will stay and one will be eliminated. The group that is staying includes single mom Krissi, while Duckie's group is eliminated.

There are eight that are still awaiting their fate, so the judges will taste their food.  The cooks will be called up two by two and be judged.

First up in the taste off is Malcolm and Seymira. Malcolm makes it through, but Seymira is going home. I am sad because she is from my town and I wanted to see her make it far.

Jonny and Brian face off. Jonny will stay on the show.

Nanci vs. Bri. The one moving on is Bri.

Luca vs. Beth. The last cook moving to the next round is Beth. Chef Ramsay knows how hard Luca worked in the past year and tells him to not give up…..because he is on the show.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to Masterchef kitchen!


The second hour kicks off with them going to the kitchen and getting the grand tour.

Their challenge is to make a dish using ingredients from the mystery box: bacon, tomato, potato and chocolate. It is so basic but so difficult at the same time.

Before long, it is time to pick the top three dishes. Bime's poached egg over hash, Natasha's lemon pie tart and Krissi's frittata are the top three dishes. The winner of the challenge is Natasha. Her prize is a huge advantage in the next challenge. She is taken into the pantry and is allowed to choose what people will cook. Her choices are langoustines, veal chops and stilton blue cheese. She also has immunity. She admits that she wants to send Krissi home.

The judges also have another twist….she can choose to save one person. She chooses Savannah because she knows she can take her out later on in the competition.

The ingredient Natasha chose was langoustines. Everyone is surprised, confused and wondering what to do. They rush around, trying to make the best dish they can.

Before long it is time for the judges to taste the food.

Krissi's mac and cheese is a hit, much to Natasha's chagrin.

Jordan's langoustine with bacon is also a hit.

Howard's poached langoustine with salad is a disappointment.

More dishes are tasted, some are good, some are bad and the rest we don't hear about. Sasha is particularly disappointing, but Jessie's triumphs.

Malcolm's stuffed langoustine and pasta is an epic fail.

The judges deliberate and then it is time for them to come to a decision. First, they announce the top two dishes: Jordan's and Jessie. They will be team captains in the next challenge.

Howard, Malcolm and Sasha are in the bottom three. They each state their cases as to why they should stay and then Malcolm is saved.

This leaves Howard and Sasha in the bottom two, with Sasha going home. She says this is not the end of her road and that she will continue to cook. She also picks Krissi to win.

Join us next week for more Masterchef! Goodnight.









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