Jesse McCartney won our hearts with his incredible portray of Junior/JR Chandler on All My Children. He made young girls swoon as a member of Dreamstreet and then as a solo artist. We have seen him grow up and become a talented, handsome young man that impresses us with every project he takes on. 

He is now in Expecting Amish, which is set to premiere this weekend on Lifetime. To celebrate his latest project, TVGrapevine talked to him in an exclusive, one on one interview. Below are some of the highlights of our chat. 

THE BEGINNING: Jesse's career began at the age of seven, when he was doing community theatre with his family. His mom is a Julliard trained dancer and his father studied drama in college, so musical arts was naturally a big part of his life.

 He did several plays, but it wasn't until he did Oliver Twist that someone in the audience suggested he try Broadway. This led to him touring with Haley Mills for The King And I, which he says was the beginning of his career. 

BEING A CHANDLER: In 1998, Jesse signed on to play Junior/JR Chandler on All My Children. While he was on the show, he would still attend school and then shoot his scenes in the afternoons/evenings. He says none of his classmates actually knew about his gig because at that age, none of them watched soaps. It wasn't until he was out with friends and fans stopped him to chat and get autographs. 

He says he loved his experience on the soaps because not only did he get to work and be mentored by legends such as Michael E. Knight and David Canary, but it also prepared him for his acting career. He explains that they shoot a lot of material in one day and that he had to memorize a lot of dialogue. He credits his time on the show for helping develop the memory chops necessary for his career.

DREAM (STREET) ARTIST: In addition to being on All My Children, Jesse also is known for being in the boy band Dreamstreet .(I am not going to lie, I still occasionally listen when working out) While in the band, he got to tour with artists such as Britney Spears and became a staple act for Disney. 

After he left the band, he went on to become a solo artist, releasing songs such as Beautiful Soul. He currently has five albums out and is working on releasing another on his own independent label 808 Records. He promises that it will be an homage to seventies and eighties music, reflecting on musical artists he grew up listening to, such as Earth, Wind, and Fire and Michael Jackson. He says this project gave him more creative liberties and he is very proud of the result. 

He is also going on a House Of Blues tour at the end of the month around the country, which will feature both his old and new music. 

EXPECTING AMISH: In the movie, Jesse plays Josh, a young DJ who meets and falls in love with an Amish girl who is on Rumspringa. He takes Hannah (played by AJ Michalka) under his wing and shows her what it is like to live in LA and about technology. The two have to face separation, and Hannah must decide if she wants to spend her life with him or go back to the Amish community. 

Jesse says that he was attracted to the role because it was an original story with great writing. He also loved the fact that he got to work with AJ, along with some of the other friends he grew up with in the business. He thinks that it is a very sweet story people are going to love.

PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO  KNOW: Although Jesse is often in the public eye, he is actually pretty laid back and shy! He says it is pretty ironic because he is in the business, but he enjoys his alone time as much as walking the  red carpet. He also says he is a pretty private person.

Thank you to Jesse and his team for this interview and be sure to watch Expecting Amish this weekend on Lifetime. Make sure you also check out his new album and catch him on his tour!

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