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By Sammi Turano

This week is exciting for Psych-os! On December 7th, USA Network will air the world premiere of Psych: The Movie. Fans of the show, which followed the (mis)adventures of a fake psychic detective, his best friend and the SBPD. The show ended in 2014, leaving fans disappointed—until now.

The movie will take place three years after the finale and follow the gang’s new adventures.

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Kirsten Nelson, who played the role of Chief Karen Vick since 2006. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1 Kirsten is thrilled to be back working with the cast. They have actually been planning to do this movie for a long time, but the timing never worked out in their favor. She is happy that it finally worked out and they all got to work together again. In fact, she found out that the movie was a go thanks to a chance meeting with Tim Omundson, who plays Carlton Lassiter. A few days later, they all got the official news and it was time to film.

2. She is happy with how the movie turned out and cannot wait to see the fan reaction. While she could not give away much (except the fact that we see a different side of Chief Vick), she thinks that both new and old fans alike will enjoy what they have to offer. She says there are a lot of surprises, a lot of throwbacks, and of course, a lot of pineapples. She thinks that the movie will bring families together.

3. Although she didn’t give much way about the movie, she did say that she is glad that they left it open for more movies. She hopes that if and when they film another movie that they re able to give a bigger role to Lassiter. For those of you who are unaware, Tim Omundson suffered stroke shortly before filming and was unable to film for most of the movie. He was given a limited role, but Kirsten hopes that we see more of Lassie in the future. (especially since he got his own happily ever after at the end of the series.)

4. So what was her favorite episode of Psych? That is a hard question for her to answer, but she did give me two in particular that hold a special place in her heart. The first one is Last Night Gus, which is a parody of The Hangover. The other one is the episode where Jane Lynch guest starred as her sister. That one holds a special place in her heart, not only because she got to work with Jane,but also because she got to direct. She adds that by the end, she wanted to be best friends with Jane because she was just that amazing.

5. What would Kirsten do if she weren’t acting? She says that she is a self proclaimed fan of numbers and thinks that she would end up doing something in that field. Her top choices for an alternate career would be an accountant or CPA.

Thanks to Kirsten for chatting with us and be sure to tune into Psych: The Movie Thursday, only on USA.


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