By Sammi Turano

Daniel Ferguson impressed the judge and America when he did his rendition on ‘Cake By The Ocean’ on America’s Got Talent earlier this summer. The twist? He performed it in the voices of several iconic characters, including Kermit The Frog, Simon Cowell and Peter Griffin. He made everyone laugh and wonder how the heck he pulled it all off. 

I recently had the chance to talk to Daniel about the audition, which sent him to the next round of auditions. Below are some of the highlights from our chat. 

1. Daniel never thought he would be able to experience something such as America’s Got Talent. He admits the first round was hectic, with a lot of nerves and anxiety—and it all happened in one day! He said there was a lot of anticipation as he went on stage, despite the fact that he was practicing a lot.

2. He has been doing impressions like this for a long time and even has several of his performances on YouTube. However, he never thought to make it into an actual act until his friend suggested he try out for AGT. It took him awhile, but he finally decided to go for it.

3. The audition process actually began with a video submission. He chose his song, made it sound as good as possible and a few weeks later was asked to do another video. This went back and forth for awhile until he was flown out to audition in front of the judges. He says it was so surreal and unexpected and he is excited to see what happens next.

4. So how does he do his impressions? Daniel says it takes a lot of research. He looks up clips of people and characters online to see what they sound like and sets it to music. He admits some are harder than others, which is why his act is half speaking and half singing. The hardest characters he’s attempted? Donald Duck and Morgan Freeman!

5. Those of us who saw Daniel audition know that he did a Simon Cowell impression. Since Simon is a judge, Daniel wasn’t sure how this would go over during his audition. However, it turned out that Simon loved being a part of the act. He was smiling and at the end said ‘thank God for Daniel.’ It was a wonderful feeling for Daniel to get the approval of someone like Simon. 

Daniel’s next audition should be airing soon—stay tuned!

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