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Recap For July 9, 2013

Hello and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight, we continue our auditions  to find the most talented acts in the country to perform in Radio City Music Hall. Howie Mandel is not here for some reason. Heidi quips that he is working on his hair.

Olivia Rox plays the guitar and sings Justin Beiber's As Long As You  Love Me. She has an almost jazzy, bluesy feel that is sweet and angelic.

Mel B: She is good, but has to be careful with how she performs.
Heidi: She loves her.
Howard: She did a good job and sounds older than she does.

It is a YES to Vegas!

Ronal Farnham's act is throwing things at people to Chariots of Fire. I am confused….the judges buzz him and send him home.

We get a montage of rejected acts as Howie rushes to make it to the judge's table.

Howie finally arrives in time to see Tummy Talk perform. It is people smacking someone's stomach. Oddly enough, people find it amusing.

Mel B: She finds it interesting, but wonders why he is being slapped so hard.

Nick strips down to be a human drum kit. He seems to be having fun with it…i love this guy and his sense of humor.

Heidi: Is it wrong I liked it.

Howard: It's a no.

Howie: It's a yes.

Mel B says yes and they are off to Vegas.

We get a montage of acts that make it to Vegas and then see a dance/video/projection group called SensEtion.  My jaw is stuck to the ground. It reminds me of the Aurora Light Dancers mixed with the Silhouettes from a couple of seasons ago. It is so different, so fun and something I want to see more of.  

Howard: He likes where it is going and sees great potential.
Heidi: She likes the idea, but not the dancing.
Mel B: She is impressed with the dancing and thinks is is a great, unique idea.
Howie: New, original and a great idea.

They are off to Vegas.

A cute little dance pair named Yasha and Daniella say they will give money to all the poor, save for college and get a mansion with the money.  The dancing is so cute! I like how they break into different forms of Latin dancing without missing a beat. The DWTS troupe better watch out!

Heidi: She loves it and wishes she can dance like that.
Mel B: They were on point and just great.
Howie: He is impressed that they were dancing since they were three and likes how she let him speak.
{sidebar id=8}Howard: He is impressed!

They are off to Vegas.

After a funny segment with Howard and Heidi dancing, we get to more auditions.

Marine Jamie Rose performs next. I want to thank him for serving our country. He also is a former coal miner. He performs an original song that proved to me that there is no doubt he is going to be the next Trace Adkins. Win or lose---he is the next big thing in country music.

Howie: He thanks him for his service and says he has a great country sound, voice and heart.
Howard: That was a damn good song and would add his record on the air.
Heidi: She liked it a lot.
Mel B: He has a great voice.


After a couple more rejected acts, we get to Captain Explosion. He takes them outside for his act. Everyone puts in earplugs and watches as he gets into a box and, well, explodes. Everyone is worried and Nick runs up to check on him. He is going to be fine.

Howard: He felt disconnected from the performance.
Howie: He found it amazing and dangerous.
Heidi: She was scared.
Mel B: it was terrifying, but the box wasn't.

Sadly, he is sent home in a 3-1 vote.

Chloe Chanel is a singer who will use her million dollars to get a hunting camp. She performs All American Girl by Carrie Underwood. She is so sweet and cute! Her  voice is mature beyond its years.

Mel B: She loved it!
Howie: She has a career ahead of her.
Howard: He tries to throw her off by saying he is the mean judge…but says she has no worries because she is terrific.
Heidi: She loved it.


Megan Amigo does a contortionist act to the Partridge Family theme song. I….need to do yoga and Pilates to make myself that flexible.

Howard: Good contortionist work, bad belly dancing.

3-1 vote sends her home.

More rejected acts……..and then we get to 212 Green, who perform Rumor Has It by Adele.  It is a fun version of the song and I love the chemistry the band has together.

Heidi: She loved it, but wishes the girls could shine some more.
Howie: He is impressed that they are kids and thinks they have a career ahead of them.
Mel B: She can see a lot of herself in them and likes them.

One of the girls says Mel inspires her and they all hug.

They are off to Vegas.

Al Harris has an act with balls, a sex sign and….just gets buzzed offstage and sent home. I am lost and confused.

Join us tomorrow night for more America's Got Talent auditions. Goodnight.








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