By Sammi Turano

Need a new book for your kiddos? Check out Jaimie Hope's Lil' Defender series, which can be found in the link below. Below are ten fun facts I learned about the author in a recent interview.

1. She loves old school TV.
2. Her favorite superhero is Batman, because he uses his brain as well as his powers.
3. She previously worked on a benefit CD for Vietnam vets.
4. The book series was inspired by her own neice and nephew. 
5.She wanted to use the book to show that adults and children can work together and solve problems.
6. She is in the midst of writing a historical romance novel.
7. She is unsure as to if she will continue with this series in the future, but is not ruling it out at this point.
8. She loves being an aunt and is super proud of her neice and nephew. 
9. She loves to perform and sing.
10. She is also a novelist and songwriter.

Author Jaimie Hope has announced the long awaited release of Book Two in The Lil Defenders series; The Return of the Yellow Menace. And in spite of what adults may think, the theme of this book was intended to be teamwork.

"I'm sure both sides of the political aisle will think it's a dig at them or will cheer thinking I'm on their side, but that was not what I had in mind when writing this book," the author said. "My main objective for this series was teamwork. In the first book, the super kids had to work together amongst themselves to beat their enemy. In this book, kids and adults had to work together to defeat the supervillain." Hope added.

While you can read The Lil Defenders: The Return of the Yellow Menace without having read The Lil Defenders (Book 1), it is recommended that Book One is read first. Book Two picks up right where the first one ends and provides the backstory of how the original superheroes came into their powers.

The Lil Defenders have just beaten their first foes, but they know they still have work to do. Join them as they learn the story of their families' superhero past and meet their next adversary, a super villain, the Yellow Menace.

The Lil Defenders: The Return of the Yellow Menace is available now on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1973972042)

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