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Duck Dynasty: Recap For September 11, 2013

duck dynasty lead2Duck Dynasty
Recap For September 11, 2013

Hello and welcome to Duck Dynasty on A&E. Tonight, Duck Commander is invaded by termites, so the men must relocate to Godwin's home.

We open with the guys playing basketball and having a dunking contest. As they play and tease each other, they find out they have termites.

The guys pack everything up so the commander can be treated. Si makes jokes about the termites and getting them fat. Korie says she will work from home as they try to figure out where they are going to work.

Si thinks they are at the circus.

Willie's mom introduces him to all her friends. He thinks he is speaking, but he is also told he will be getting lunch. She is also trying to find him a new BFF. He says his mom always does this and when he was little she tried to set him up with a kid who ate boogers. She has him take one of the ladies, Carla to get the food. She talks about her cats.

The guys are at Godwin's house trying to figure out flavored duck calls. Si insists on a pur-nur-ple flavor. Si tries to come up with more ideas and everyone is like WTF and laugh at him. These guys are hilarious when it comes to working and coming up with ideas and working. I want to work with them!

Carla and Wille pay for the food (he compares her to Benjamin Button) and she continues to talk about her cats.

The guys are now looking at taxidermy. Martin says he only stuffs turkeys on Thanksgiving, maybe Christmas.

Willie is ready to give his speech and leave. His mom says she hopes he won't pee his pants this time. Willie says to picture the audience naked to make the speech easier….yeah this doesn't work for him. He tries to make the speech about goals and then says to just eat.

The guys go back to playing basketball….which leads to a sprained ankle.

As always the show ends with dinner, prayer and family time.

Join us next week for more Duck Dynasty on A&E. Goodnight.

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