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Hello, and welcome to American Idol on Fox. Tonight, our top 12 will be revealed and perform for us live. Our judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban will choose the wildcard singer. 

SINGER: Sarina Joi Crowe


SONG: Love Runs Out by OneRepublic

SAMMI: What a fun, exciting way to kick off the night! She is fun, has the rock and roll edge and just really works the stage.

KEITH: It was a great way to start the night. However, watch the pitch.

J.LO: She is excited to have her on. 

HARRY: He enjoyed it and is also happy.

SINGER: Rayvon Owen


SONG: Wide Awake by Katy Perry

SAMMI: This is not the best choice for him. I usually love him, but this didn’t work for me at all. I feel like it is a bit too reserved for him and his personality. 

J.LO: She  could tell he really felt the moment. 

HARRY: He sounded terrific.

KEITH: He got better at the end.

SINGER: Daniel Seavey


SONG: Straight Up by Paula Abdul

SAMMI: He is adorable, but it really didn’t work for me tonight. He is a great singer, he just needs something to make him stand out more.

HARRY:  It was a great way to start the night.It was good, but his inexperience is showing.

KEITH: He needs a more emotional song.

J.LO: He needs a song that shows off his vocals better. 

SINGER: Maddie Walker


SONG: Suitcase by Gwen Sebastian

SAMMI: She has a great voice and personality, but it was very obvious she was nervous this time around. I think if she calmed down and stopped overthinking things, she would have been fine. 

KEITH: It suited her and there was a good mix of things going on.

J.LO: She should get out of her head and just sing.

HARRY: It was a good, solid performance. 

SINGER: Tyanna Jones


SONG: Wings by Little Mix.

SAMMI: She officially became one of my top girls. I have a feeling she and Clark are the final two standing. 

J.LO: It is amazing how well she is at sixteen.

HARRY: She is comfortable on stage.

KEITH: She is a star. 

SINGER: Nick Fradiani


SONG: In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

SAMMI: He is the whole package. Cute, talented and just filled with star quality. Win or lose, he is going places!

HARRY: He brings a lot of experience and did well. 

KEITH: He  now only needs to believe in himself.

J.LO: He needs a song that makes him undeniable. 



SONG: I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

SAMMI: She is in my top picks for the girls as well. I think she will be in the top three with Tyanna and Clark if he makes it through tonight because there is no way she is going home after this performance. 

KEITH: It is clear as to why she is here and he could have just heard it at the piano.

J.LO: It was really, really great. She can see why she is here.

HARRY: She was so good she didn’t even need the band. 

SINGER: Qaasim Middleton


SONG: Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder

SAMMI: He has so much power and energy it is hard to not just fall in love with him. Incredible.

J.LO: His energy is so contagious.

HARRY: He wonders if everything will always be an explosion of energy.

KEITH: He killed it.

SINGER: Clark Beckham


SONG: It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World by James Brown

SAMMI: He killed is as usual. This was the best male performance of the night, no question. He is going to be a performer that we will be talking about for seasons to come. 

HARRY: He made him forget the song message and enjoy the performance.

KEITH: He was killer.

J.LO: It was the vocal of the night.

SINGER: Joey Cook


SONG: King Of Spain by Tallest Man On Earth

SAMMI: Put Cher, Cyndi Lauper and Dolly Parton together and you will have the unique goodness that is Joey Cook. There is no other way to describe it. She has qualities I love from all three singers, but is still herself. 

KEITH: He liked it. 

J.LO: One of her best performances.

HARRY: She is earning a spot up there. 

Wildcard time! 

SINGER: Quentin Alexander


SONG: Royals by Lorde

SAMMI: He has NO business not being in the top ten. At all. After a performance like this, I will be SHOCKED if he is in the bottom two any time soon Love this! (Also I always thought she said you can call me GREEN BEAN instead if Queen Bee and was always very confused.)

J.LO: She can’t wait to hear more from him.

HARRY: There were pitch problems but it didn’t matter much because of how in touch he was with his feelings.

KEITH: He also enjoyed it. 

SINGER: Adanna Duru


SONG: You and I by Lady Gaga

SAMMI: Well, hello, baby Beyonce! She has the diva quality like Beyonce and a powerhouse voice to match. 

HARRY: She needs to channel the energy to staying tune.

J.LO: She needs to control her performance.

HARRY: She has something going on.

Adam, Mark, Alexis and Loren have been eliminated.

Congratulations to all and be sure to tune in tomorrow night for more American Idol! Goodnight!

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