Wednesday March 29, 2017
Big Brother 17 Updates "Steve Has It Down Pat" 6:00 PM BBT, Thursday, 9-17-15 #BB17, #BBLF

 Steve is mumbling constantly, but in a whisper, so much is unintelligible. He heads to the comic room, studies his visual of the HOH's in Skittles and M&M's, he counts HOH's and paces. He heads to the kitchen and picks up the nail clippers. He heads to the bathroom to trim his nails. He heads back to the storage room and after wandering some more, decides to heat up some french toast, eats, and then builds with the Jenga pieces. He's stacked some play dough containers on it to provide the stability and leverage and hangs an edge over the table. It continues to fall, but he says that he is getting somewhere. He is dauntless in his pursuit of engineering whatever it is that he is building.

Steve has abandoned his engineering marvel and is now in the bathroom zipping through all the HOH's and counting as fast as he can run though them. He also names them by numbers and which weeks they won in. Austin won 3 and 10, Becky 2 and 7, Jackie 5 only, etc. He paces to the memory wall and then around the house. Steve runs through veto wins in the same way, order of, and then by the numbers and houseguests.

The girls are sleeping soundly and asked to be awakened by seven to get ready for tonight's "event." Steve is punctual, so he will be waking them soon.

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