Wednesday March 29, 2017
Big Brother 17 Updates "POV Aftermath" 4:30PM - 5:30PM BBT, Saturday 9-12-15  #BB17 #BBLF

4:30PM - 5:30PM BBT

We've hit the 4 1/2 hours mark of highlights...

4:40PM BBT
Feeds are back. John won the POV.

Steve's in the kitchen cooking something.

Purple room Liz and Austin in bed cuddling neither are too happy. They talk about what happened in the POV. They talk about John not being able to throw it because Steve was so close to winning it. Liz tells Austin how much of a phony Steve is, he only cares for himself and Liz has never betrayed Vanessa but he has. Austin tells her if Steve goes it's either Austin, Liz or Vanessa winning because John won't win the game.  Liz tells him between us I would work with John but i just can't trust him. They says i love yous to each other...fall silent.

BB calls John to the DR. He leaves the comic room heads to the memory way to get the POV necklace then to the DR. 

Austin is explaining to Liz how F4 works they talk about how hard the comp will be. Liz says she's not the comp beast everyone thinks she is. Austin tells her she will be ok she not going anywhere. Austin tells Liz he's so lucky to have her here. They fall silent then Austin says he hates these puzzles.

They decided to get up and head to he storage room then then join Steve in the kitchen. 

Purple room feeds flip to Vanessa figuring things out with M&Ms.

Steve asks Liz when do you think we get to watch the TV Show? Liz thinks tomorrow. Steve wonders if its time for him to shut up. Austins tells him everyone just wants to decompress from the comp. Steve shuts up....well not really...he talks about the whole lot being filled with ants. Way to many ants for Liz's liking. Steve talks about how exhausting of a day it was he's going to go take a nap.

Vanessa continues to strategize with her M&Ms. The gets up leaves HOH heads down to the kitchen grabs another bag of candies about goes back up to HOH. She has add skittles to he strategizing with colored candy mix.

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