Sunday April 30, 2017
"Study  TIme for Liz and Steve"

10:00PM- Hi everyone,The two views we are offered tonight is Steve with his m&m's  at the kitchen table studying, and Liz is at the kitchen island staring at the memory wall. Vanessa just went back to bed, she went over days with them, how many times everyone has been on the block, evicted, and then off she went. Liz is studying alone, these two are not speaking to each other much. Steve keeps looking up towards her not saying a word. Ok, I think he is looking up at the memory wall more so than up at Liz.

It is obvious to me, that Liz is still mad at Steve that he put up the twins, probably more so than mad at Vanessa for ousting Austin. Steve tries to stike a 'mini' conversation, asks her 'so you have been nominated 3 times?' 

 These two obviously do not want to study together much tonight as they are going to be competing in a big memory competition, which will probably be played out tomorrow. Steve has not really moved much from the kitchen area, except to get more candy for his study table. looks very festive  all the rows he has made, just paces back and forth, moves some candy pieces around on the table, Liz asks him how many vetos etc he has won, she has it right. Steve said his operation left column failed(trying to memorize by columns on the memory wall).

Liz says Vanessa won 3 HOH, 3 vetos, and yesterday, which Steve is quick to say that was not an HOH though. Liz is cracking her knuckles and whispering/mumbling to herself, no real words for us to follow.   

They are talking about it being like cramming for a test all night in college, liz says yeah not having to think of real world problems(steve like what: she says a 'job')...She says she is hungry, she says she thinks she will have some eggs ... gee people, do you think she is missing Austin right now? she is cutting up something.

Steve is now talking about 'revenge' nominations; Jackie when Liz was HOH. and Jacki nom. her and James in week 5, she says yep. looks like she is cutting up some ham or something for her eggs.Vanessa gets back up and as she goes thru kitchen Steve runs a few more things by her; john was 9 , james and her 6, clay austin, julia, and her was 2 times.

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