#LoveMyBounce shorts are not only cute and super-comfortable, but they also support a cause that is very important to me—ending violence against women. As a woman myself, I believe we need to help each other, even if we are doing something small.

 I also love the fact that it also supports women loving themselves and who they are, especially when we live in such a body-image obsessed society. These shorts are meant to help women feel beautiful and embrace who they are rather than what they are told to be. 

Below is more information on the shorts, supporting women and their debut at the MTV Music Awards tomorrow night!

New York based multimedia company, STK MKT Entertainment and Hip Hop artist D’Chrome Foster are pleased to announce that their #LoveMyBounce shorts were selected for the Official “2015 MTV Movie Awards” celebrity gift bag. 

Along with the Golden Popcorn statue, winners at the MTV Movie Awards will each receive a pair of #LoveMyBounce shorts. Broadcasting live on Sunday, April 12, from Los Angeles, the “2015 MTV Movie Awards” will be hosted by comedian Amy Schumer and features celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg and Sofia Vergara. Official celebrity gift bags are given to presenters, performers, and winners at the awards show. 

“We are thrilled that our favorite stars in TV and film can be ambassadors for the #LoveMyBounce message of love, acceptance and female empowerment,” said Sharon Lee Thony, CEO of STK MKT Entertainment. 

The #LoveMyBounce campaign was created in January 2015 by D’Chrome Foster and STK MKT Entertainment to empower women everywhere by encouraging them to love their bodies and love their bounce. D’Chrome Foster released his latest single and music video for “JANUARY” along with the #LoveMyBounce movement to highlight the effects of male gaze, containing images and titles aiming to address cultural beliefs about women. D’Chrome Foster explains, “When women tap into self-love and when men ground themselves in self-acceptance they set themselves free. Free to LOVE each other. That’s what the #LoveMyBounce movement is about.” 

“We are excited to see attendees of the ‘2015 MTV Movie Awards’ in their #LoveMyBounce shorts! Fans can join the #LoveMyBounce movement too by getting a pair for themselves,” says Ms. Thony. 

#LoveMyBounce shorts can be purchased at Available for $25, in a variety of colors and sizes; 20% of proceeds go directly to the non-profit Arethusa Speaks to support their fight against violence. 

About STK MKT Entertainment 

Founded in 2014, STK MKT Entertainment is a multimedia company in New York City dedicated to developing and curating highly artistic, socially conscious and entertaining creative content in music, film, television, technology and new media, for consumers hungry to find, experience and share. We believe in new capitalism and seek to profit socially, not just through sales, but also generosity. 

About D’Chrome Foster 

D’Chrome Foster Is A Brooklyn-Bred Hip Hop Artist Who Fights To Be A Force For Positive Energy. As the son of Caribbean parents D’Chrome Foster was immersed in music at an early age. Growing up in his Flatbush, Brooklyn home, he was surrounded by the soulful sounds from 8-tracks and LPs of every genre of music. This rich sonic environment led to him writing his first song at the age of three. Perfecting his craft through his teenage years, he decided to start recording his catalog of songs when he was 19 years old. 

D’Chrome Foster strives to be a force for positive energy, using his music as his weapon. In August of 2014 D’Chrome released his single, MANHOOD, a track that showcases the struggles between a man and his woman. Following the release of MANHOOD, D’Chrome released CYANIDE in Dec of 2014. Both tracks and their accompanying videos tell varied and compelling stories of today’s social issues. In 2015 he released his JANUARY single and music video about doing what you want with your body with features of women from all walks of life. 


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