Wednesday March 29, 2017
Big Brother 16 Update "Hug Fest" 5:30AM BBT Wednesday 8-20-14 #BB16 #BBLF

5:30AM - 6:00AMBBT
Still in the kitchen...
Christine is still getting ready for bed. Seems Derrick wants to play a game of pool...he asked Cody if he heading to bed...Fish.
After a few minutes we return its so obvious Derrick and Cody want to talk but can't with Christine and Victoria awake.
Christine and Cody hug...with lite chat. Really long hug. They are talking about stubbing their toes...they hug again. Victoria is just staring at them. Now Cody teases Victoria. Now Cody is hugging Victoria. Derrick hugs Christine. Now Cody hugs Derrick hugging Christine.
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Derrick goes out to the backyard.... Cody stays talking to Christine about a red mark in his chest.
Cody asked them if they are going to bed
Christine says ya. Cody joins Derrick saying only one game Derrick...for the girls benefit.
Frankie is up and heads downstairs says good night to Victoria. Christine decides to go outside with Frankie.
Cody and Derrick are playing pool...Christine and Frankie are watching. Talking about past BB players will they liked who they don't.
Random chat between Christine and Frankie. Cody and Derrick continue to play in silence.

chit chat...Cody thinks he hears a school bus. They talk about what time they caught the bus when in school then what time school started.

Derrick wins the game of pool game. They rack 'em up again.
No game talk...Christine talking about her cousin.

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