Wednesday March 29, 2017
"Jm is ranting in certain places"

10:30PM-JM says he is ranting in certain places(about scamper squad) right now(he just found out about the scamper squad/freaks and geeks) and also  that the girls are mad at her(vanessa) and at Steve. He says it is funny now that he looks back they said scamper so publically(i think inside, jm is boiling over!!) He is not going to show vanessa how mad he is, no doubt.  

 Vanessa says the only difference is the two of them(JM and Steve) wont be sharing the cash etc, Liz and austin will be at some point,Big Brother 17 Updates "JM talks strategy with Vanessa"  Liz pops in tells them dinner is ready in a few minutes. . Jm says he is leaning towards Steve to evict him at this point.   JM is going thru scenarios and how if they take steve and austin gone this week, what if jm wins veto, liz hoh, they are going thru every scenario, they are saying every one has to win, try to win from this point out.  

Vanessa says she is going to nominate Austin, she says they should let them know austin is staying, he says you all evicted me so i can do whatever.  He says you dont have to tell someone you are evicting someone, we are breaking the rule alot this season. She says maybe we should make good tv and make it not known (Geez ya think?)

She is just going to make them both think she doesnt know right now, she says keep in the middle right now, he needs to ask steve if he wins veto, who would he take and get back to her very soon. She is not going to tell them, they probably know who is going up but they probably know. 

Down for dinner they go, Liz made them dinner, turkey burgers, and austin made the salad. the five are all eating, Vanessa brings down her bottle of port wine to share for dinner. 

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