Big Brother Canada opens with a recap of the HOH that Bruno won. Johnny and Sarah are scared. The have not comp: Willow, Brit and Pilar are on slop. Sarah has joined an alliance called the HEXAGON,  also including Brit, Jordan, Zach, Johnny and Kevin. There are so many alliances going on that it's hard to tell who is loyal to who anymore. NOM  ceremony: Bruno puts Johnny and Sarah on the block with the intention of getting rid of Johnny. He apologizes to both of them has nothing against either of them, just game move. Bruno in DR says that he is going to get Johnny because of the loss of Graig. Kevin says that he and Johnny have been close (not only that but he used Veto to save your butt Kevin), but Kevin decides in DR that it's time to put some distance between him and Johnny because otherwise he might become a target. Everyone hugs, Johnny says after NOMS that he and Sarah don't have the plague, so they don't need to be avoided while on the block. Meanwhile Sarah goes upstairs alone and says "it's on". She is mad that her alliance the Hexagon is doing nothing to protect her and wonders what the point is of being in an alliance if they don't help each other.

Johnny comes into the BR to talk to Sarah. Sarah is thinking that if she gets Johnny riled up he make take more heat on him and take it off herself. In DR Johnny also says that this alliance the Hexagon is not benefiting either Sarah or himself, that the others are only working for themselves.

In HOH Zack is talking to Bruno. Bruno is bringing up Kevin's name, (Zack thinks that he has to get Bruno to stop throwing Kevin's name around because he, Kevin and Jordan are working together ...The Bermuda Triangle....that's just asking for it if you want my opinion lol).

In the DR Brit says that Sarah is the closest person in the house to her.  In DR Sarah says that Brit has let her down and she will have to win for herself.

LR picking for Veto players. Bruno gets Bobby, Johnny gets Brit, Sarah gets Kevin. Kevin in DR says this is the worst thing to happen because Johnny would expect him to save him as he had done the previous week. (my thought being if Kevin plays Veto and wins it then they are both safe, but Kevin doesn't want to expose himself...Kevin would be Bruno's next choice for NOM if he had to). Johnny  talks to Zack in the pantry. Zack gives his usual speech about how you have to fight hard to win. (he says that to everyone). Zack is hosting the veto comp.

The POV comp: Looks sort of like a tennis match, big guns and baskets of tennis balls. Each player has 3 tennis racquets set up in the yard and each player gets a turn to name who they are shooting at to knock the tennis racquet down by shooting a tennis ball at the racquet with the other players face on it. Each time someone shoots the shooter has to put on a big hollow tennis ball on their head while the person being shot at (already announced who was being shot at), while the person being shot at can stick a peg behind one of their racquets with their face on it so that one won't fall if it gets hit. Willow is the ball girl, placing the hollowed out ball. They only show this once, but she must have been very busy jumping up and down each turn to do this. Once a player only has one of their racquets left (out of 3) they can no longer use the peg to block their last racquet face.   

The game is called Game, Set, Match (it's similar to the hockey one where they shot pucks at faces in nets to knock out a player, but you have 3 targets with your face on it. When your 3 racquets are knocked out you are out of the comp for pov. Brit goes after Johnny. misses. Bruno chooses Johnny, knocks one of Johnny's faces down. Sarah decides to go for Bruno because no one else will. She says "My kind of cannon has 3 papers and a filter". She misses Bruno. Johnny misses, Bobby has his turn and is laying down on the ground like a sniper, looking all cool but he misses. Kevin has decided to go after Johnny (because he is high on the list for rep NOM  so has to save himself). Kevin thinks his cards are all on the table now and he has to cut ties. Everyone doesn't want to expose that they are working with him so they are all targeting him. Sarah is happy because it makes her feel safer they are telling the truth and Johnny is actually the target.

Johnny is taken out. Sarah is the next target to take out. She is pretty smart in where she is putting her pegs to hold her head up. Brit is a very good shot. Kevin now is shooting at Sarah and he is trying to figure where she put the peg. He gets it right, she has only one face left and he takes her out.

Kevin is out next, then Brit. Down to Bobby and Bruno, they don't care who wins, just the chop shop having some fun. Bruno wins POV.

On the show for the last 48 hours at there has been a vote: either the POV MUST be used immediately OR the POV will be used to remove both NOMS and the HOH has to replace them. More on this is a minute.

Johnny is upset that Kevvy Wevvy came after him and he is not used to letting his heart open to people and he did and now .....Kevin asks Johnny how he feels in the kitchen and says they will talk later. Says that he thought they were looking after each other but it seems that Kevin is looking after himself only.

Sarah goes to DR. She has a challenge for the house for a reward. She has to hide a letter in her own belongings. She says she is not the cleanest person in the house and she is pretty confident they aren't going into her dirty bag. She also has to hime a key in the eggs. She is so excited she almost falls down the stairs. Zack comes in and almost catches her. She grabs a broom and walks around a bit then goes back to the fridge to hide the egg. She also has another key around her neck. She sits in the living room and pretends she doesn't feel well and collapses on the floor saying "I think it's my stomach" The house guests panic, then hey find a letter hanging out of her shorts. The others have to run upstairs, get into scrubs and "save Sarah" aka the show Remedy. The Doc from Remedy comes on the tv and tells them she has to be treated and they need to find "the remedy" and going through her personal effects is usually the best place to start. The HG search. They find the letter which says she is allergic to eggs. They find the key in the eggs, go to the vault to open the one with the right number and it doesn't work. They go back to Sarah and find the key around her neck. Go back to the vault and open a different box, an epi pen (fake of course) administer it and win the comp.

The prize is an episode of Remedy with all kinds of candy and snacks (even the have nots). They are all thrilled to have something to do (watch tv). ( And again BBCAN with the promos, .....twistos, oxyclean, and now Remedy) Jordan is trying to convince Johnny (with Zack's help) that they think they can rally the votes to keep him. They don't mean it, but since you never know it's best not to piss someone off. Kevin talks to Johnny (every good poker player knows when to fold his hand and for Johnny this is it). He is lying to Johnny straight up just in case Johnny stays.

It's Bruno's birthday. He is in the DR. Everyone hides in the HOH room (for a lot longer than the show actually shows), everybody jumps out to wish him a happy birthday. He gets a gift in an envelope in the HOH with a homemade birthday card from his kids made out of their footprints with tractor tires drawn on them to make them look like tractors. He cries everyone cries.

Bruno comes out for the POV ceremony (remember that Canada voted to see if it would be and automatic use the POV now when you win it.....or it will be a double removal of NOMS? Hubby pointed out here that if the voters had voted for Automatic use of POV and replacement, then he would no longer have the POV on him and it would have been used the moment he won it. Clearly it wasn't. So I was expecting it to be a double replacement NOM.

Bruno starts his NOM speech and lets the NOMS give their speeches. (Sarah doesn't want Bruno to use it because Johnny is obviously the best target) Johnny says at the presentation, that it is up to Bruno, no hard feelings. Sarah says she respects his decision. Bruno says "I have decided.... and BB announces BRUNO PLEASE GO TO THE VAULT. Everyone is worried. Bruno is told to go to a safety deposit box. The card says that its a twistos twist. They chose to give the POV holder the power of a double VETO. Here is where it gets tricky. HE CAN USE IT OR NOT.  That was certainly not the impression I got when I voted.

It was presented as POV holder MUST use POV immediately. OR MUST remove both NOMS and replace them with 2 others. So I figured he would have to take down Johnny and Sarah and would likely put up Kevin who is his target for next week anyway. BUT NOOOOOOO. I expect at this point that Bruno has been given the perfect out to get rid of Johnny. No decision required, because as far as I know he has no had to tell the house about the decision.

rayz rantz 135(I feel cheated by Big Brother Canada for misrepresenting the outcome of the vote)

Rayz out!

Tune in Wed. at 9 for the eviction ceremony.

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