Wednesday March 29, 2017
Big Brother 17 Updates "Vanessa mists Steve" 7:30 PM BBT, Saturday, 9-12-15 #BB17, #BBLF

Steve says the HOH competition could very possibly be the shovels, or the before and after. 

J-Mac sleeping in the comic room. She asks Steve who he would keep in a final 4 without Liz. Steve says J-Mac could undercut him in the end but he would like to take that alliance to top 3. Steve says he would definitely cut Liz because she is gonna be hard to beat with Jury and really good at the last few comps. All the questions Vanessa is asking to Steve are based around trying to gain the leverage to take Austin out. Vanessa says she needs Steve in the finals, but the only benefit is that Vanessa is trying to luck herself into final two for next week. Vanessa says her word is good but making the decision between Liztin is very dificult this week. Steve says he wasn't as nervous as he should have been. Vanessa wants to know who she had a better chance with Liz or Austin in the final two. He counts out a Liz wins 6-3 over Vanessa. He counts out an Austin 5-4 win over Vanessa. she says she is in trouble either way. 

Outside- J-Mac and Austin have begun hanging out. 

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