Thursday March 23, 2017
"Craving Carnival Food"

Purple room:  Liz really wants this competition to start, they have no idea yet. Steve istaking care of the girls ice packs, . Liz is looking at vanessa and saying she is afraid to turn 32 (vanessa can hardly move!!) she says she took a few good blows, so did liz, she says she took some face on into the wall.  

Steve is still out pacing, back into the purple room, back to talking about funnel cakes, elephant cakes,  fried oreos, these guys are talking about carnival food ...donuts burgers, two donuts with a hamburger in the middle.  Corn on the cob, it sounds like Liz loves the carnivals...Vanessa loves the spiral potatoes...kettle corn, boiled peanuts, vanessa googled it to find out how. and from this, they go on to gross things of pain with salt in wounds, some guy who had his leg cutoff and put salt in it etc, no thanks not worth mentioning it ...these guys have really random thoughts right now, nothing consistent...nothing that really "matters" to BB.

Steve is back out pacing the house again, comes back with a 'W' block or piece of wood, not sure what it is.he is fiddling with it just the same. 

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