Thursday March 30, 2017

Big Brother 17 Updates 9 to 10 pm BBT "Whose Side is She On?  Tuesday 9/8/15

OK I could live without Austin and Liz making out, so moving on.

   JM in the hammock. Nothing else going on. Still no sign of Steve. I’ll stay here for now. Anything has to be better than the noisy kiss face. JM still swinging. No one else around but the kissy faces. Julia folded some laundry in the bedroom and is talking to Vanessa about nothing. OH She went into to look for her BC (birth control I gather.) Keep freezing here.

   Julia is now talking to Austin and Liz. Talking about cats or dogs or something. 

They are talking about Austin’s tats. 

   They are talking about Gabrielle on Desperate Wives. AND HERE IS STEVE. Wanders in without a word. JM still in the hammock. Van probably still in bed. I think A is talking about the Bold and Beautiful. Now they are on about his Judas thing and everyone thought he had a spinal injury, but it was just routine hip surgery. (same conversation he had with Van the other day). Steve has got up and wandered away.

   Steve in the hammock with JM. Can’t hear them. Something about a name mentioned during DE and Steve won’t say because it keeps it cleaner. Steve asks if he has talked to Austin. No. But Austin has decided he will do whatever the twins decide. Steve says he hopes JM wins next week and says you shouldn’t have thrown this week to me. JM says they would come after him. Now they are talking about dates and JM has to study them in case it is a ? comp. They said because they were locked out that there will be eviction. Tomorrow veto Sun eviction HOH noms. Wed will be veto and eviction. This is what they think. He wonders if Steve could win final HOH but it doesn’t’ matter. Veto is the money in f4.

They are talking about AP (far as I know there hasn’t been one). JM laughs and says if i was you couldn’t tell me anyway. They think America is voting on something. If they are it is news to me. Steve says if he is right that something is up it is a new thing. JM says he is confident there is no AP. JM still at the hammock. Steve is munching on something in the bathroom. They are talking about feeders not screen shooting them with a mask on. Austin comes in. They are talking about speeches. Who straightens their hair before they go to bed???

   Van in the bedroom talking to (Ican’t see) JM. She is talkng numbers and what do we tell Steve. JM says it it was physical? Liz falls in comps, she says that Liz was trying to throw it to Julia and it has happened twice. She says they made mistakes and ended up winning anyway. She says Liz unfocussed because of the romance. She says the odds are if they win and Steve doesn’t win veto they are ok. 

   I can’t make sense of her, or what her point is, never mind what side she is on (other than her own). 

   She wonders if he has talked to Steve. We will tell Steve we are cool with it. A twin comes in and says that if that is what you want we will vote to keep your sister. (I think it’s Liz) She says she will cry when she sees Julie and the goodbyes. They say ask Steve what will happen, they say everything Steve says has been wrong. (he is playing chess lookalike Austin with him. OK out, not much going on now. 

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