Thursday March 23, 2017
"I got a Raw Deal!!"

2:00pm-   Hi everyone, i turn on the viewer and see liz and austin as sad as sad can be LIving room...(too funny actually!!) Liz says this is the absolute worse situation ever, she doesnt know what to do? Liz is mad, she says she has been here for 3 months so of course she is taking this seriously....something about especially ffrom a little pipsqueak??(Steve?). It is pretty obvious to me, Steve has let them know they are most likely going up. Liz is like speechless. Austin just holding her. they are in the bathroom. finally getting up.

Kitchen: Vanessa is up and cleaning, wow, she is doing something in that nappy crappy green hat. Julia and JM were in here, and they too, do not look that upset, not like Liz and Austin. 

Purple Room: Liz and Austin going back to bed. Liz says this is like the worst feeling in the world, Austin says this is not real, we will be getting back to the real sh*t in a few weeks. Austin says he has no idea if he is going to stay either (yes he does steve told him he was staying)..

I have not seen Steve at all, and it looks like the three in the kitchen just need to keep busy.
Still waiting for the Veto ceremony but I tell you what, Austin and Liz are looking pretty hopeless, helpless, and downright big time played at their own game!! Liz has a bad attitude, she says to BB 'would you guys please have the nominations ceremony? jesus! she is really mad, i have to say im laughing a bit, glad steve finally get to make his 'big' move...and love to see them squirm.  Liz says he made her swear on his family that she wouldnt put him up her last HOH, and why would he do that. Liz gets up..think shes headed up to the HOH room.

HOH room: She knocks on the door and walks right in. Wake up sleepy steve.  she makes him get up.she says this is part of the game...she says obviously she is not going to sit back and fight. She is telling him about what he made her swear on her family not to put up, he is like, i am not going to lie to you (he doesnt remember sayinng that) (sorry guys i personally dont know either!!).  he says he does not remember that, said he apologizes, its completely wrong of him. She says thats just all i wanted to say, she doesnt think its fair.  She thinks she got a really raw deal. She says she doesnt think she is his biggest threat. He apologizes again doesnt recall saying about the family, was unnecessary, Liz says Julia was there too, she says its ok(??) and hugs him, she knows he is going to do what is best for him anyway. He changes the subject, says i have a half bottle of wine she is for sure going to have a wine pot ball fest with them tonight. 

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