Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 17 Updates "Keep them Awake" 1:30 am BBT, Thursday 9/10/15 #BB17 #BBLF

Purple room: Austin still telling the story of Pumpkinhead. Austin jumps up and screams dead! ... epic fail... no screams from Julia. They decide it is bedtime. Austin says he can't remember the real ending, but Pumpkinhead is a really good movie... Julia turns out the light and says good night and goes into the Comics Room. Liz heads to the toilet.  Steve wanders out.  Austin hides under the covers. Liz returns, Austin yells... another fail.

Steve says good night lovebirds and walks through the house, stopping to stare at the camera. Slowly walks back to the living room, stops, turns, back to the memory wall... back to the living room and into the purple room. Says what are you two doing. Liz says Steveeeeeuh you scared me....  He leaves sing-songing Liz is a scaredy cat... turns and heads through the house. Steve mumbles to himself as he makes his way to the HOH room.

HOH: Steve says I want those girls to be as tired as possible... I want Austin and those girls to be as tired as possible for HOH. Kept them up as late as I could. Hopefully that story will make it hard for Liz to sleep. I want you to have the worst night's sleep possible Miss Nolan and Austin... both of you... my god...

Steve gets a piece of candy and begins pacing and talking. Says Austin is nervous because he knows if John or Vanessa gets HOH he is going up... Smacking and slurping... more candy... more mumbling. Steve goes into the toilet, humming... Out of the toilet, quick hand wash and brushes teeth while pacing.

Leaves HOH goes to purple room, tries to scare them, gets a Steveeee-uh from Liz. Leaves and returns to the HOH room, whisper-mumbling to himself. Pacing resumes with headphones. Pacing, dancing, pacing, whisper-mumbling. Pacing with pictures in hand, says hope I can do you proud... a little dance, pacing resumes. Three jumps and back to pacing.

Purple room: Austin and Liz going over eviction order and HOH's. Moving on to days/events.

HOH: Steve still listening to music and pacing. (this certainly won't keep Austin/Liz from sleeping...)

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