Sunday April 30, 2017
Big Brother 17 Updates "Just Honor Their Decision" 2:00 am BBT, Wednesday 9/9/15 #BB17 #BBLF

Purple room: Austin holding Liz's head close to his mouth... BB zooms in and shows us how dirty his feet are...

HOH: Steve pacing, eating snacks. Says it would be cool if you won HOH and had to break a tie on the block... but... smack, slurp... If you are HOH... and... you are a tie breaking vote and I'm on the block... I'm not going to ask you not to nominate me... just to keep me... Pacing resumes. (Must be practicing his speech to Austin...) Vanessa is already working to make sure her butt is covered... Steve collects his soda bottles and heads downstairs... sees Austin going into the bathroom. He fills his bottles with water to make more Kool-Aid.

Bathroom: Austin rubbing lotion on his arms and legs (still not shower). Rinses his hands. Checks himself in the mirror, smooths his hair, then begins brushing the ends of his ponytail. Enter Steve, he asks if he can talk for a minute. Austin says yeah... what's up. Steve says what is the best thing I can do tomorrow.. Austin says for the girls? Probably just be supportive of like, them... (Vanessa can be seen heading inside from the hammock to talk-block). Steve says anything I can do, have I been doing that so far, successfully? Austin says well yeah. He says they don't want it to be against your decision, so as long as you support their decision of who goes, I mean... I feel like everything is going to be okay. Steve says okay. Austin says especially if Liz stay, I can contr... She won't make a decision without me... Steve says do you need anything from me? Austin says um... I mean... if I'm on the block I have your vote. Steve says same with me. Austin says I feel like we have been in the position since the beginning. Steve agrees. Austin says JMac wanted to talk too, but, I guess he fell asleep. Austin says I'm afraid to say anything right now... Steve says I get it, oh, I get it! Steve says there has never been a time in this game that I have done anything against you, that I haven't told you about before doing it. Austin says I know, I know.... and that's huge, especially right now. Steve says he knows they will use each other as pawns. Austin says oh, I know, we've been together since f*ing day 2... so as long as you support the girls and I... they feel like  you might tell the voters to go the other way. Says he will make sure to keep Steve safe with the girls. Steve says so do what I've been doing? Austin says yeah, and reassure me that you will let the girls decide and that you are not going to try to sway anybody... that will make them feel good too, then I can do the rest.

Backyard: Vanessa stops and collects her laundry, then heads inside. Steve and Austin break up their talk. Vanessa heads to the bathroom.

Vanessa whining about having to do her laundry and how she like to go to bed early but couldn't. Austin says maybe tomorrow isn't an early lockdown, cause they didn't tell us. Vanessa continues talking to Austin through the closed toilet door. She comes out and wonders how long it will take to set up the shovel comp. Austin says maybe it is not, maybe it is questions... I hope! He says I have been good at that... I've been good at everything... just about... so, I don't know. It could be anything... it's either shovel or days, in my opinion. Vanessa says if it is days, then we are good to go. Austin looks up at the ceiling. Vanessa says what? Austin says he is scampering... Vanessa says why did he run upstairs like that? He's acting nuts!! What's going on with him... freaking out cause he can't play HOH. Austin whispers that Steve asked him what he could do the next couple of days and I told him just keep the girls happy and let them make the decision. So, like, I mean... I don't know what he is getting at there... what can he do... they are pissed off bro... you just broke them up!  (How quickly he forgets he asked Van/Steve to do his dirty work!!) Vanessa snorts... and silently nods her head.

Silence. Then Austin says he is probably short-circuiting a little bit, thinking I should not have won that, I should not have won that... oh f* I can't play, oh f* I can't play...  He's got to know it was a bad decision ... especially now that he is only going to take out the weaker twin... Vanessa nods, then starts laughing. They listen to Steve pacing upstairs in the HOH room... laughing ... making fun of him... Vanessa says short circuit... Control, alternate... Austin says Control/Alt/Delete. Vanessa says smoke coming out of the computer... Austin says it is Control/Alt/Delete (using his hands as if they were on a keyboard). Vanessa says oops... Enter Liz walking to the toilet. Vanessa says no, he is doing CRTL X... Undo undo undo (nope, it is CRTL Z to undo... CRTL X is cut...) She says like back back back back... Austin says no, it is CTRL Z. Vanessa says oh, you're right, it is CRTL Z. Austin says or is it CRTL ALT Z... or right click right click right click.... Vanessa says all right, I'm going to bed, late night scamperers... She leaves the bathroom area.

Flashback to the HOH Room: Steve watching the spy screen says Austin and Vanessa... wow! If Austin or Liz win veto... If Austin wins HOH and John wins veto... I'm gone... Austin is talking to everyone. Austin is talking to f*ing everyone! (Not sure what Van/Austin were hearing because Steve is sitting on the foot of the HOH bed, watching the spy screen). He stands and begins to pace (but this is when Julia enters the toilet) He makes two passes from bed to bathroom, then lays in bed wondering who they would want out next week. Sees Vanessa walking to bed. Steve says Austin probably had the same talk with her as he did with me, the son of a bitch! They might even get rid of me next week sitting next to Johnny... no, I don't think they would... Vanessa is good, she is more loyal to me than Johnny... the only problem is if I'm on the block next to Vanessa and Vanessa wins the veto. (Steve, Johnny steered you straight, you have to win HOH or Veto from here on out - listen to him!!) If Vanessa and I are on the block and Johnny wins veto.. stops talking to watch Liz and Austin walks through the living room on their way to bed.

If I'm on the block next week, next to Vanessa, I'm f*ed... and I don't think there is anything I can do about it... Vanessa is safe next week, that's what is funny (I'm going to stop rooting for you if you don't LISTEN to Johnny!!) She is totally safe next week, no matter what happens.

He leaves the HOH room... stops on the balcony as he hears Vanessa talking to Austin/Liz in the purple room. She says good night and switches off the light, Steve continues downstairs to the kitchen and retrieves his Kool-Aid. Steve pacing and practicing his speech to the next HOH...

(That's all for tonight. Enjoy the show!)

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