Friday March 24, 2017
The Limit does not Exist"

11:30PM- Hammock time - Austin and Liz are talking about all the places to visit, they both want to go to NY to visit Meg and go to a knicks game. Vegas, (vanessa without saying it), philly to visit JM, GA to visit shelli, TX to see james and clay,  'the limit does not exist'..liz says, they can go anywhere, she wants to go to disneyland, austin says thats only an hour away.   Austin is telling them about Rachel and Brenden and their bar stint for BB stuff, you can see his wheels turning to turn this twin twist/Liz into his personal cash pile.

Hot tub: steve and Julia just chatting nothing big...just julia trying to be 'social'. 

Hammock: Austin wants to know who all she has had hammock dates. she says Jeff, of course thats a sore spot for austin, she says they jusr talked game. Liz wants to know if we get to see the jury ceremony/veto ceremonies etc(has she ever watched BB?!!)...austin just says yeah i think so. Sometimes i do not think he is a superfan either, he just crammed during that sequesture time but i do not know.  Now they are on to austin and Jesse and how Jesse didnt know his name was even austin till the show, he only knew him as 'Judas' he says, pretty fun should be fun, lots of stuff to talk about.

Now the cameras bleep them out completely, ha austin im sure thinks this is going to be on about him talking WWE but they switch to Julia and Steve at the hot tub and steve is saying his GPA is just below 3.9...now we are back, to the hammock and these two (liz and Austin ) are both just staring into the cameras as they are pointed on them.  liz just curled close/on top of him. Austin asks her if she wants to play chess, she says yes. she tells julia to come on, its her and julia against ausitin. Steve gets out of the hot tub too, he will most likely be joining them on the sky walk too.    

HOH room: Steve changing his clothes, paces some more...I was hoping he would talk to us, but not yet i guess, he is still pacing i think he is getting ready for the shower...i can hear him mumbling in there but water is on.

Skywalk: Twins and Austin are up here and ready to play chess

Comic room? Lights are out: i think its Vanessa asleep in one bed, JM in the one next to her, cant tell. Vanessa stirs a little all i can see are two dark circles from her eyeliner, hard to tell if she is awake or not.

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