Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 16 Updates “Awkward Silence” 2:30pm BBT, Monday, 9-1-14 #BB16 #BBLF

Victoria is asleep in the fire room and Christine and Cody are asleep in the rock room. (There is seriously nothing else going on.)

Derrick comes out of the DR.

Frankie gets out of the hot tub and then heads to the fire room to sleep. Victoria uses the bathroom and then takes her laundry out of the dryer.

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Frankie gets called into the DR. Derrick passes by Victoria and shouts in her face to scare her. He talks to the camera in the backyard and wishes everyone a happy labor day.

Christine is up again and joins Derrick and Victoria in the patio. They are all just sitting in silence. Derrick finally speaks and says he doesn’t think they will have a wall this year because he can’t imagine having only 5 people competing in it. Christine agrees. She gets called into the DR. Frankie comes out to get a cup of Gatorade and then says he is going to go back to bed.

Victoria tells Derrick that now he has to make a goodbye video for her. He tells her she is not going to see it. More awkward silence.

Victoria mentions how she couldn't sleep last night. Derrick says he knows because she scared him when she walked into his room last night.

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