Escape From Polygamy: Haley Lu Richardson Interviewed

haleyEscape From Polygamy
Haley Lu Richardson Interviewed

Escape From Polygamy promises to be the next big hit for Lifetime. Starring Mary McCormick, the movie  follows the life of Leanne, a widow who becomes the fourth sister-wife to the member of a polygamist cult.  When her teenage daughter and The Prophet's  son fall in love and try to leave the compound, The Prophet steps in with disastrous results causing Leanne to question her own beliefs.

TVGrapevine recently caught up with Haley Lu Richardson, who plays  Julina. She is feisty, sweet and has a sort of a Kristin Chenoweth likability to her.

Tell me a little about yourself and your career.
Well I'm Haley Lu Richardson! I'm short and feisty (haha) and I moved to LA two years ago from Arizona to be an actress. Of course I'm not the only girl on the planet who's ever had this dream-— I have met so many kids and young adults that move out to Hollywood to "make it big." You would think it just takes a bunch of good looks and a little talent but the truth is hard work and smarts are the key to success out here... Or so I'm coming to find. So that's what I try to put into all of my projects — hard work. And so far I have been lucky enough to take from every project just as much as I put in.

Why did you decide to go into acting?
This is the big ol' question! Can I tell you, I honestly can't say what it was that lead me to acting. Of course I did community theatre and dance growing up and I've always been one to love entertaining but I just knew ya know? I had this (cheesey I know) little man inside me my whole life saying "Haley move to LA and act!" And one day I just decided to listen to him!

What drew you to this role?
I love when I read a script and can right off the bat picture myself as the character. This is how it was with my character 'Julina.' She is innocent and graceful but she's got so much fight in her and that's when you know a role will be fun. When you get to play a character on a mission you learn so much along the journey.

What is your character like and how are you similar/different from her?
It's an interesting thing to think about— what would you be like if you were raised on a polygamist compound? Would you simply conform and believe only what you were told? Or would you fight to know a different way of life, a free way of life? I can only hope that if I were in Julina's shoes I would fight just like she did.

What's next for you?
I have been working really hard the past few months on two movies that I believe will be amazing! "The Well" is a post apocalyptic thriller revolving around a young heroine played by me. The other movie I just finished is called "The Young Kieslowski" and it's about two awkward college kids losing their virginity to one another and facing the consequences. I am now off to New Orleans to work on the new ABC Family PLL spin-off series "Ravenswood."  Very excited for you all to start seeing these soon!

Who are some people you want to work with?
Kristen Wiig! Oh please oh please! She is definitely one of my all time favorites- I think she's just genius! Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio are two unbelievably talented men that I would love to work with someday. And then- duh Jennifer Lawrence (haha!)

What is your dream role?
My dream role is anything that comes to me that I really strongly connect to. I would love to dance in a movie and be able to tell a beautiful story through words and movement —now that would be special.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
Hmmm... I feel like there are a lot of little quirks to me that people would be really surprised to hear about. It's not everyday you meet an all American sweet little wide-eyed girl that likes to light her farts on fire. (Look it up its pretty much a sport)

What is one thing you want your fans to know about you?
I have fans?! Who knew! (Haha) I can only hope that there are or will be people that follow what I do and are in some way inspired by me. I would want those people to know that no matter what your path, always listen to that little man inside of you. If you work hard to make him happy, you will eventually find your success.

Escape From Polygamy" airs on Lifetime this Saturday at 8pm.

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