Extreme Weight Loss: Recap For August 20, 2013

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Recap For August 20, 2013

Hello and welcome to Extreme Weight Loss on ABC. Tonight, we watch Ashley's heartbreaking journey as she tries to change her life in a year. My heart is so broken as she talks about losing her baby and all the other tragedy she had to go through to try and start a family.

Chris Powell calls her to let her know she has been chosen for this journey. They go on a photo scavenger hunt to jumpstart the year.

Her start weight is 325 lbs at 5'2". Chris is concerned about this and is willing to help her do whatever it takes to change her life.

She starts off on the treadmill, realizing she is better than she ever thought possible. She was once told she was too slow, but today proved she has what it takes to do overcome everything she has faced. Chris says she needs to let go of the guilt and move on.

After a nutrition lesson and a home makeover with a home gym, Chris says that if she loses 80 lbs he will get her the computer and photography equipment she wants. Her husband also decides to help her out and join the journey. He weighs 398 lbs.

At one point in her journey, she is surprised with a visit from the Olympic softball team. She says she may not have been able to get to the Olympics, but this is an amazing honor.

During her journey, she has to face the anniversary of her daughter's death. She talks to Chris about how they never had a funeral so he helps her find a way to celebrate her life. I break out in tears when they tell Tyler and send the letters to Heaven in a balloon.

Weigh in one:
Jason: 398-53=345 lbs
Ashley: 225-83=242 lbs.

If she loses 50 lbs for the second phase, they will be able to go to one of the seven wonders of the world. She will photograph it. However, it will take a lot of training.

She faces some difficulties during the journey and gets a bit depressed. They meet up in Peru for the next weigh in.

Ashley now weighs 214 lbs, which is 28 more lbs down. Chris asks her if she still wants to do it, but she says yes because she needs to start taking care of herself.

Jason lost 52 lbs and now weighs 293 lbs. Ashley says that while he started the journey because of her, she is continuing because of him.

They kick off phase three by climbing up the mountain. It is difficult and she ends up having an asthma attack. They are far from help, so they try to calm her down.  They get her to the top and she feels like she is on the top of the world.

During dinner, they decide to get healthier so she can have another baby.

Chris says if Ashley weighs 175 lbs or less, he will take Jason for the skin removal surgery along with her.

At the nine month weigh in (after a ton of intense training!) she shows Chris the photo album of her journey and takes another picture.

Ashley now weighs 174 lbs….so now Jason will go with her for skin surgery. She lost 151 lbs to date.

Jason now weighs 259 lbs and down 139 lbs.

Jason is a candidate for a smaller skin surgery. Ashley is also a candidate. They wave goodbye to their son as they head for surgery hand in hand.

At the reveal, their son says he can't wait to see mommy and daddy. They both look amazing and bring their son up to the stage. She says she can't wait to have another baby.

Jason is now 228 lbs and down 170 in a year.

Ashley now weighs 161 lbs and lost 164 total.

Walmart gives them groceries and a $25,000 gift card.

They all do a 5K to honor Ava and all those people lost. They plan on trying for a baby.

Join us next week for more Extreme Weight Loss. Goodnight.

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