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Big Brother Chat
Super User Let's get started all over again for BB19 Uncategorized (03.06.17, 13:18)(19:00) 0
cozy2 hi Al..just wanted you to know the names and faces are flipped on chrissy and ashley...chrissy is the older blonde~! have a great week. Big Brother Chat (11.12.17, 13:05)(19:00) 0
cozy2 p.s. i will go ahead and do a small blog after the sun/wed/and thurs shows...if you want something different, just let me know...thanks Big Brother Chat (07.07.17, 11:15)(19:00) 0
cozy2 hi al..i dont know who the 'guest' is, but i actually got a similiar email from someone asking me to un block them? was pretty sure it was this type of thing related.. Big Brother Chat (07.07.17, 11:13)(19:00) 0
amellis Question! Who are you? Big Brother Chat (03.07.17, 06:53)(19:00) 0
Guest where can i find the live feed updates? also who is an administrator because when i try to login it wont let me. I tried to recover password or username and it says i am blocked. I would like to re-register or sign in. Big Brother Chat (02.07.17, 09:34)(19:00) 0
cozy2 goodmorning Al..will get a small article together in a few hrs...(fri)..have a good day!
Big Brother Chat (30.06.17, 08:09)(08:09) 0
cozy2 Hi i am!! i found it.. enjoy the show with HoneySC~!! Big Brother Chat (28.06.17, 18:37)(18:37) 0
amellis Let's Get Started all over again for BB19 Big Brother Chat (03.06.17, 16:10)(19:00) 0
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Big Brother 19

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