Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 17 Updates "John Muses Game" 5:00 PM BBT, Monday, 9-7-15 #BB17, #BBLF

John is eating hot dogs in a pita pocket.  He boiled the hot dogs, three of them in a pot of water and put them in a pocket along with some mustard.  He is eating them on the back porch.  No one else is outside with him.

In the bedroom I have muted the sound since it is all lip smacking and kissing. Austin is teasing and tickling Liz and she gets up to pee. He sits on the bed waiting for her. He decides to lay on the bed waiting for her.

John continues to eat his hot dogs in a pocket with mustard. He's wearing his patriotic shirt. He goes to the outdoor fridge to pour some gatoraid for himself.

Liz comes back and she says that she got him so good. I'm guessing that Vanessa, Steve, and Julia are resting since there is no camera on them. Austin says that he wants to hug her and not tickle her and she decides to lay down with him again.

They kiss. They kiss some more. Meanwhile, John cleans up his dishes in the kitchen and then decides to move his laundry from the washer to the dryer. Back in the bordello, Austin decides that they need to think of what they are going to eat next. Liz wants something different. They decide on chicken tacos with guacamole from the avocados.

John heads back outside and walks the yard. He ends up at the hammock and stretches out. John says to himself that it doesn't really matter which twin goes home. He thinks that no one is after him. They will try to put out Steve or Vanessa. He wonders if he should try to win it. John lays back and rocks the hammock with his feet in silence.

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