Big Brother Canada: Recap For Sunday, March 29

Big Brother Canada:
Recap For Sunday, March 29

We open this Big Brother Canada with a recap of the previous show and a description of the HOH game. It's called "Wall to Wall". It's plexiglass boxes lined up in a row so all the players can see each other. They are to stand on small ledges on each side of the box, and are given a rope to hold. They can do whatever is comfortable for them but they cannot fall down. Arissa tells them that the first 8 to drop will be competing in the first slop comp. As the game progresses, the rope gets taken away and it starts to rain stinging cold spray. Brittnee couldn't take it and went down first, and she is devastated. Kevin jumps down to comfort Brittnee, and it is commented that he is making a good move for his social game. Zack and Jordan have an alliance and neither want the HOH. It was a textbook throw of a comp. Godrey goes next then a few more guys. The girls are all still up there along with Bobby and Graig. Now it's just girls and Bobby. Willow drops. Then Ashleigh. Pilar, Sindy and Bobby are left. They have been told by BB that they can only use one ledge, and the water keeps coming. Pilar is struggling. She drops after noticing that Sindy and Bobby aren't budging. Sindy decides that she is going to bend over and show her butt to Bobby (he is in the booth right next to her), he is liking it but her strategy is not working. We are up to 3 hours now. Willow says Sindy is a comp beast. Bobby is terrified of Sindy. And Sindy drops. She really did her best.  

Back inside the house later, Sindy decides to sprinkle some charm on him. It's not going to work. Bobby says everyone sees right through her. Zach and Jordan are talking in the bedroom about who is in the Chop Shop alliance. Zach and Jordan have a side alliance called Newport.

Bobby gets his HOH room. Everyone is thrilled. Shomi has given the HOH a tablet and he can choose any 1 movie he wants to watch. He reads his letter from his family. A few HG's have tears. Sarah and Neaha have made a pact including Brittnee. Kevin is chatting with some girls in the bedroom and in DR says he has them in his back pocket. Bobby wants to look like he has no game and no strategy. Bobby wants to put up Kevin because he has a huge social game and he came off second in the HOH comp. (easy out).

Have Not Slop Off. The first 8 off the HOH comp compete in pairs (seems like BB chose them randomly) The HG's have to cross a beam, fill buckets with what looks like foamy water and put them on on of 5 spots on the beam. Each player has a bucket of 5 balls they can use to knock over the opponents full buckets, then they would have to go jump in the foamy water to refill the bucket.

Bruno and Jordan, Bruno wins

Kevin and Brittnee, Kevin wins despite wanting to lose

Zach and Godfrey, Zach wins

Johnny and Naeha, Johnny wins

so have nots are Jordan, Brittnee, Godfrey and Naeha.

The have not room is a concrete cell block with dirty matresses. The first night in they try to sleep and lights start flashing and sirens go off and Jordan decides there must be some sensor that is setting the sirens off so they move their mattresses to the outside of the room.

Naeha is trying to get info from Zach but he isn't giving anything up.

Jordan and Kevin are practicing their move as "The Fortress" neither one of them actually means it because they are in alliances with others.

Ashleigh and Pilar are talking a bubble bath in the HOH while the guys keep coming and going.

Willow goes up to talk to Bobby. Graig is actually sitting on the toilet holding the curtain open in the HOH bathroom while talking to Willow (sorry ick)

Sarah thinks Bobby should put up physical competitors. Sarah decides to sleep in the HOH with Bobby. She keeps poking at the topic but he isn't biting. She just settles for "I'm a vault". trying to get him to open up but he won't. Bobby has told her she isn't going up and that's all the can ask for now.

AD: go to to vote for a piece of furniture in the HOH room (what happens if you do and you are right, if it's the same as last year is you earn points which gives you more votes for decisions in the house later on)

In the vault room: Bobby is making his noms on a space aged machine. Like a drag and move very large screen computer. (Gotta give it to Canada, no one has to carry around a huge box with keys in it).

Noms first is Brittnee because she was the first one off the Wall to Wall. Second is Kevin, because he was second off.

Easy way out. Bobby actually said in DR though is that he thinks Kevin is a huge threat.

Tune into Big Brother Canada Monday at 8 on Global TV and VOTE VOTE VOTE if you get the chance.

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