Wednesday March 29, 2017

Pool table Derrick and Cody. Said getting Vic out is stupid. They say Frankie is on their last nerve. Caleb comes out says they are talking about the bible in there and he wants nothing to do with their theories. Caleb says, God is created in man’s image and not with boobs and a vagina. OH MY. Then Frankie was talking and he decided to get out. He’s not going to argue with them. Derrick says that is a lose lose conversation. They are sure there will be BOB prob last week. Can’t put Vic and Donny both up. One will win. Then there is no one to put up other than the alliance. If Donny wins POV they are both safe. So Chris made a great move leaving Vic off the block. Vic called to DR. Again with the Caleb on slop. 21 days. Donny says you had 2 days off for pizza a day out and a day when you come off before you go back on. Derrick mentioning some tv show his daughter watches that he can’t stand but wants to watch now. Donny says i can’t believe you haven’t bawled. He says he has had tears in DR. DR pushes it he says. Someone else called to DR they wonder what is going on. Nicole was called. Derrick says sometimes they call them to get a summary of what just happened.

Living Room Frankie and Zach. They are talking about a trip after. Zach says he has to save some cash. Zach wonders what he will do after this. Zach says he wants his own tv show (uck I wouldn’t even check it out) Frankie says he can’t wait for Zach to see his videos. Zach says his brother can’t watch. Frankie says yes he can his video’s are appropriate his sister was on Nickelodeon. She is pro gay. Her new song is a gay anthem. 2 songs have come out since he has been in the house. He is losing his mind he wants to know. 

{sidebar id=8} Zach Frankie move to kitchen Chris eating. Frankie says he and Ariana have different fathers. FISH off and on. His mom divorced twice. There are no other siblings. His biological father is around all the time holidays etc. Zach asks what Ariana’s father does and.....FISH.

Pool table. They are talking about some song or something. Then they say, he doesn’t want to be Frankie J, he wants to be  Frankie, Ariana’s brother. 

Kitchen they are talking about divorce. 

Back to pool table. Cams going back and forth. Nicole is outside now. Derrick calling out what was said “I love you Zach” “I love you more” Nic says she could see girls liking Zach. Nic says they hate me. Derrick says no they love you. Vic comes out. She is wearing a green hat and red socks and Nic says she looks like an elf. I think they are saying the people in the DR are so sweet. 

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