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Tonight on Big Brother 19 the house gets a sudden call from Julie Chen and when they gather, she tells them that eviction night is coming early.  One of the nominees will leave the house this evening.  

Josh is questioning Paul's loyalty to the team when he discovers that Paul has been faking his tears and has been planning their final three. Josh wonders whether or not to target Paul, but ultimately decides to stick with his team, nominating Alex and Kevin. He decides to keep his thoughts of backdooring Paul in his back pocket and take advantage of it if the situation arises.

Alex feels betrayed and decides to play dirty.  She decides to fake some tears and try to garner Josh's sympathy.  He tells her that he wants her to win the veto, but he doesn't go so far as to tell her that he wants to target Paul is he can.

Josh cries later and tells his team that he feels like he has betrayed Alex, sending her ride or die home and then putting her on the block.  Christmas tells him to stay the course and that she will decimate him if he strays from the plan.

Alex tells Paul that she has been crying to gain sympathy from Josh, but as Paul comforts her, he thinks that she needs to be worried about herself.  Meanwhile Josh goes to Christmas to extract a final two promise from her and she doesn't commit, saying that she has not decided yet.  She really thinks that she can beat Josh in the finals, but she has been loyal to both Paul and Josh and is not ready to commit to either yet. Josh takes this as a slap in the face, feeling that he has been betrayed.  It is as if his girlfriend has cheated on him, he tells us.  He decides to gun for the veto to eliminate his competition.

The Veto competition is the BB Comics.  Christmas is not cleared to play and must stand down.  They must match the comic to the mate on the BB Comic studio wall, which they must swing to on a rope.  The differences are subtle with heads facing in opposite directions and different kinds of shells in the scene.  

Paul goes after it and finds that he is called a "Potty-Mouth" in his comic.  Josh gets his rather quickly, but is entranced by Helena, Elena's superhero.  Kevin struggles, but gets it eventually. Alex does a quick job of it, but makes sure that she has them rght.

Alex does it in 14:34.
Josh does it in 24:36
Kevin does it in 45 min.
Paul does it in 12:10.

Paul wins the Power of Veto.  Paul is happy to have won it and plans not to use it, sending Alex home this week. Josh is content to see Paul keep to their plan, but Alex is very excited that Paul can use it on her and keep both of them safe.  She has had a secret alliance with Paul all season, and is confident that he will pull her off the block.

Alex asks Paul who they will take to final three, and he tells us that when you have a real friendship with someone, you have to be honest with them.  Paul tells her that if he goes to the end with her he is throwing his game in the trash since she will have Jason, Cody, and Jessica.  He says that if he makes this move to save her, he will lose, but if he doesn't make the move he may have a chance to win. She is floored. She says that she feels so stupid and set herself up for this.  She says that you trust someone and then you are betrayed. She says that she would have taken him even knowing that she would lose.  She tells us that she held his hand and he would not be there without her, but he shot her in the back. Paul tells us that he actually respects and likes Alex and he had to choose himself over everyone in this game because he knows that they would not choose him over them.  He says that there is nothing else he can do because he cannot save everyone and he has to strip someone's chance of winning for his own.  He cries in Christmas' arms.

Paul calls the Veto meeting.  Alex tells him that he is her one chance to stay in the house and she does not think that the others would vote for her, and she asks him one last time to save her game. Kevin tells him to do what is best for his game.  He apologizes to Alex and says that this is his one game move to win, and that he apologizes for letting her down this week, but he has to keep the nominations the same. Alex tells us that she has listened to everything Paul said and now he has put his game above her and Jason's.  She feels betrayed.

Julie announces that the voting is open for America's Favorite Player.  That player will get a check for $25,000 on finale night.
America can vote for their favorite houseguest at You can vote up to 20 times per day and voting closes on Wednesday, September 20th at 9:59 AM Pacific time.

Julie offers the nominees the chance to make a last statement to the house.  Kevin asks for the chance to stay in the house. Alex hopes that she made her family proud. She thanks everyone for their friendship this summer. She says that she asks them to recognize that she fought hard to be there all summer.

Christmas votes to evict Alex, respectfully and sadly.
Paul votes to evict Kevin.
Josh must now cast the tie vote.  
Josh votes to evict after saying that he loves both of them. Alex, only God knows how much he appreciates her friendship.  He is so sorry from the bottom of his heart, but he knows that he cannot beat her, so he evicts her from the game.  Alex does hug it out before he leaves. She sees those she knows in the audience.

Julie asks what went through Alex's mind when Paul did not save her. She says that Paul played a really shady game, and should it have been Jason and herself, she knows that both of them would have taken each other even if it cost them their game.

Kevin, Christmas, and Paul will battle it out for the most important Head of Household of the season.  Josh is not eligible to compete. It is the Big Brother Classic, "What the Bleep?"  

Each statement from a houseguest will contain a bleeped out word. Julie will give them options and they must choose one. Highest at seven rounds wins.

The first is from Cody, "staying" in regards to the Have Not room. It is false and everyone gets it right.  It is sleeping.

Mark says that he will eat cereal, take lots of...... and lose, and the word is shower, Paul is the only one right.

Dominique says she has been "betrayed." All say true. Right and all are right.

Mark says that he wants to .... and Jule offers "play." It is Compete. Paul gets it right. It is Paul 4, Christmas 2, Kevin 2.  

Jason is up and his statement has something to do with getting together if he saves someone, and Julie offers "align." The answer is rally and only Paul gets it right. There is no way that anyone can beat him, so the game is over, and Paul wins the coveted Head of Household, guaranteeing himself a place in the final three and the opportunity to play in the final Head of Household.  He breaks down in tears saying, "He can't believe it."

Julie greets the final four and tells us that there will be an eviction tomorrow.  Paul says that it is bizarre and insane to be in this spot for the second year in a row.  Kevin says that he is not surprised, but is happy and excited to be with such great players. Josh says that letting go of Alex was so hard as she was a great friend. He hopes that she forgives him. Christmas says that all the Comics were great, but she loved seeing Josh be the meatball.  Paul did not like the Potty Mouth, but he would have loved Mr. Friendship, Motormouth, or Gumpy.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS at 8 eastern on Thursday at 9 eastern for another live eviction. On Friday there will be a special episode at 8 eastern. Next Wednesday is finale night.

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