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Tonight on Big Brother 19, Christmas and Alex are at odds with their targets.  With Alex and Jason on the block, Alex is sure that Kevin is the actual target.

Christmas says that Jason is her main target, but Alex could be a secondary target since she is bent on breaking up the duo.  Jason is unaware that he may be the target.  Paul's target is Jason, and Jason feels that he may be duped by Paul and is not sure what he is doing.  Jason tells Kevin that he doesn't know what is going on here. Kevin tells him that he and Alex are the two best players there, and if Jason does not win, he will go home.  Jason isn't sure that he should trust what Kevin says since no one tells him their plan.  Jason asks Josh if he is the target, and Josh just wants to diffuse the situation so Jason doesn't go hell bent out for the veto.

Paul tells Jason in front of Josh that he thinks that he is being backdoored.  Josh sees that Paul is good and is working all angles. Jason wigs out and goes to Christmas, telling her that Kevin told him that it is him or Alex going home this wee.  Jason wonders why both of them are up.  Alex tells Christmas with Jason in the room that she trusts Christmas.  Christmas tells us that everything she said in her speech was true, so Jason should think that he is the target.

Paul, Josh, and Christmas are amazed that both Alex and Jason think that they are safe.  Christmas says that they are not bamboozling them. They are bamboozling themselves.  They decide if they win the Veto to remove Alex and put Kevin up to continue the ruse and then take Jason out.

Jason and Alex talk to Paul and Paul tells them that they plan to pull one of them down.  Paul wants them to throw the competition to him, and he hopes that he can pull it off.  Alex agrees that this is a good move.  When Josh comes in, Jason tells him that he is in an alliance with Christmas and Josh takes measure of that. Paul brings up that if they pull Jason down, Kevin will campaign hard against Alex, but if he is up there against his friend, Jason, he won't fight it so hard.

Josh has figured Paul out and he tells Christmas that he may be loyal to them, but he is going after jury votes. Josh says that the only person he is out to protect is himself, and Christmas hushes him because she needs Paul to get to the end.  Josh realizes that Paul has played the best game this season, better than Dan Gheesling even, and has set himself up in jury for the votes.  Josh tells us that he came to win and he is going to take the shot when it is right to do it.

Christmas calls the group for the Veto Pick.  Christmas, Jason, and Alex get to choose.  Christmas hopes that Kevin does not get chosen. She draws Kevin's name and then hopes that he does not win and pull Jason down.  Raven is also chosen and Jason has houseguest choice. He chooses Paul because he trusts him more than Josh and hopes that he will pull him off if he wins.

Josh announces the competition.  There is more at stake than the Veto. The winner and a guest will get a once in a lifetime experience on the set of "Me, Myself, and I." Bobby Moynihan joins them in the house. He tells them that he is going to host the Veto Competition. He calls it Fantasy Camp.  He says that he has been watching them from home and now gets to join them.  He thinks that the most interesting houseguest to meet will be Kevin.  He says that the second he met Raven he got to see her pacemaker.  He tears up when he gets a friendship bracelet from Paul.  He tells us that it will remind him not only of his visit to the house, but that these people are idiots and should have gotten Paul out a long time ago.

Jason is happy to be meeting a tv star for the first time, but his first priority is to win the Veto Competition and guarantee his own safety.  

The competition is modeled on the new show, "Me, Myself, and I." It is full of crates. He is going to unveil a new Big Brother invention, and the Punch, Slap, Kick machine is unveiled. They must take their place in the center of the machine. They will get punches, slaps, and kicks in a series, after which they will have to answer questions about what they just experienced.

Paul wants to win to guarantee his own safety and then to execute his plan to evict Jason.  Christmas wants to keep the power, but also go on the show.  The first series happens, and the question is which event happened four times.  Everyone gets punch but Jason and gets a point. The second question is about what happened when and Jason does not get the point again, but neither does Paul, Raven, or Alex.  The next question is which action happened the fewest times. Slap and Raven gets the lead when she gets the only point.  The next question is what happened after the fourth punch.  Kick and everyone gets a point but Raven.  Alex, Paul, and Raven have three points. On the fifth sequence, what was the first action to happen three times in a row, and punch is the answer, and everyone gets a point but Kevin and Raven.  Alex and Paul have the lead. The final sequence is played and the question is which action happened the fewest amount of times. Punch is the answer and everyone got it but Raven.  Alex and Paul are tied. Alex and Paul have a tie breaker. Alex decides to go for the win when Jason indicates that she should go for it.  The tenth action was punch and both are right. They get a second tiebreaker which is right for both of them. The third one lets them both be wrong and then the fourth tiebreaker asks for the sixth action. Paul's punch is the correct answer and Paul wins the tiebreaker, giving him the Veto and the trip.  

Jason worries and thinks that he will not be sleeping as well with Paul holding the Veto.  Alex is confident that Paul will pull Alex down, Kevin will go up and Jason will be safe.

Josh goes to Paul and asks him if he will consider not using the veto. He tries to convince him that by not using the veto will protect all of them. Paul does not want the blame, so he decides that he wants to stay with Plan A.  Jason walks into the middle of the conversation and Paul quickly covers.  

Josh confides in Christmas that he is not sure of Paul's plan and wonders what Paul's pecking order is. Christmas counters with the fact that the three of them are working together. Josh gets mad when Christmas responds that Paul is one of their three. She gives it back to Josh when he walks off. She tells him it is not okay to walk away from her and not to do that to her again.  Paul comes in and Christmas tells Paul that he does not need to know what is going on.  Josh says that the whole plan needs to take a seat in the corner, but not him.  Paul is in Christmas' ear in the Head of Household room when Josh comes in. He does not feel that using the veto is a team move, but is a Paul move. Paul tells him that it should not be what he wants to do but what the three of them want to do. Josh says that Paul gets no blood on his hands, but in his move, they will all take the heat. Josh says that from the time he aligned with them it has not been in his own best interests, but in all three of their best interests.  Christmas says that it is tough with Jason having a baby on the way, and Paul says that he will take the heat when he has to.  Christmas tells him to get his head in the game, trust the team and they will get to the end.

Paul says that Josh may have strong feelings about the veto, but it is his veto and he needs to use it for his own game. He decides to use it to pull Alex down from the block.  That forces Christmas to put up Kevin or Raven, and she names Kevin.  Christmas says that of the top seven, everyone has been on the block but Kevin, and she asks him to take the seat. Paul closes the veto meeting.

Paul tells us that he also has not been on the block, a fact that seems to have slipped Christmas' mind, but he wants to keep it that way.  Kevin says that he should not have tossed the HoH.  Jason believes in Alex and Paul now after the "target" Kevin was nominated, and says that he loves walking the yard with Kevin but will not walk out the door with him.  Josh is upset with the way this move went and says that next time he will change things up and do what he wants to do.  

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS at 9 eastern on Thursday which brings us another double eviction night with two houseguests leaving in one hour.  

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