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Tonight on Big Brother 19, three pairs remain in the game, and Paul has positioned himself with each duo, leaving Kevin the odd man out.

Jason, feeling that he does not need the numbers anymore, decides to take a swing at Raven.  

Jason tells Matt and Raven that they will go on the block, but only as pawns, as the true target is actually Kevin.  Matt and Raven buy it hook, line, and sinker.  Jason says that the only back door has Maven's name on it.  While Paul remains amazed that his game is so good that he is not a target, and that he is positioned to know what each pair is doing.

Jason feels that the others don't trust Kevin and it is getting harder to protect him.  Matt says that he wants to win the veto so he can pull Raven off the block.  He really feels that she needs and deserves to be in this game more than he does.

Kevin has a bit of a nasty habit, brushing his teeth, and then using the same toothbrush to work on the shaved edges of his hair.  He then returns to using his brush on his teeth.

Alex wants to see Kevin gone, so she goes to work on convincing Jason that Kevin is the worst person in the house.  Jason does not know if she is trying to bait him into putting Kevin up.

Jason calls the houseguests to pick Veto players.  Jason chooses first and gets Josh's name.  Josh is pumped to play so he can assure Christmas that they are safe this week.  Mark pulls Paul's name and Raven pulls Kevin's name.  Raven hates that this happens because she wants Kevin to be backdoored. Kevin just wants to win a competition.

Paul is happy to play so that he can pull Raven off and they will replace her with Kevin.  That gets both targets on the block while his hands remain squeaky clean.  Paul asks Alex and Jason if they want him to try or to toss it.  Jason tells him to play hard.  Jason feels that the ruse to put Kevin up is not one he wants to follow through on, so to be sure his nominations stay the same, he wants to win the competition.

The houseguests head to the yard for the Veto Competition.  They see pool toys and a cabana, and realize that this is the "Hide and Go Veto" competition. They are not allowed to speak with each other. They have three minutes to hide the veto and then one by one they go inside to search for it.  The last veto left will belong to the winner.  All veto cards look identical.  

Raven hides her veto in the mattress. Matt hides his veto under the arm cushion of the couch.  Kevin hides his inside a pillow.  Jason hides his inside a couch cushion.  Josh hides his in the freezer under the basket.  Paul hides his inside his hanging clothes.  Each player has two minutes to loate their veto.  Raven is up first and she decides to destroy the Rose Room.  Matt checks the top of the fridge and then between pillows, then tears the rooms apart.  He finds no veto, just as Raven did. Neither do Paul or Josh.  Kevin heads in and spends his time complaining about the condition of the rooms.  Jason finds Josh's at the bottom of the freezer.  Matt misses the veto between the mattresses.

Jason feels powerless without his cowboy hat and locates it, undamaged, in the mess.  Raven heads in and finds Matt's veto card. Paul again has a miss when he goes through the sofa cushions and misses Jason's.  Kevin still has no luck.  Raven finds a second veto, Kevin's, in the pillows. Matt finds Paul's veto.  Finally, the fifth card is found.  There is only one veto out there.  The person who hid that veto will win the competition and hold the Power of Veto.

Matt and Raven trust Paul, so they hope that between the three of them they will find themselves safe.

Jason finds Josh's veto, so Josh is eliminated.
Raven finds Matt's veto, so Matt is eliminated.
Raven finds Kevin's veto, so Kevin is eliminated.
Matt finds Paul's veto, so Paul is eliminated.
Jason finds Raven's veto, so Raven is eliminated.
Jason's veto is the one left, so he wins the Power of Veto.

Alex is happy and hopes that Jason will pull Raven down and replace her with Kevin.  Paul feels that Jason will use it, and then the house will vote, and leave his hands lily white. Kevin heads up to talk to Jason and asks if the target is Matt.  Jason wants to run it all by Kevin and he asks him if they want to do something crazy, and replace Raven with him.  He feels this will make Alex and Paul happy, and he will have his cover for his pledge that Raven and Matt are pawns.  Jason explains that Maven thinks that Kevin is the target.  Kevin will have none of it.  Jason decides that he does not care about the blow back from Alex and Paul, or from Matt and Raven. Alex wants to just put up Kevin and appease Matt and Raven and they will have a choice in whom to take out.  

Jason feels that something is going on with Paul and Alex wanting Kevin up so badly, and he thinks that they may turn the tables on him and send Kevin home.  He decides that it is his perogative on using the Veto, and this time it will not be a group decision.

Matt and Raven count on Jason pulling Raven off and Raven says that there will be quite a show if he does not.  Matt says that he has no reason not to trust Jason, and he feels he has done his bit on the block for the team.  

Alex and Christmas chat, and Alex says that she is okay with Matt or Raven going home this week, but Kevin nixed the idea when Jason had some loose lips about it, but this whole thing has put a rift in their relationship.  Alex and Christmas try to convince Jason that Matt and Raven are two votes in the jury and not replacing one of them with Kevin will cost him two votes in jury.  Jason says that they do the mob mentality in the house and one person stirs the pot and gets everyone else on board.  Jason does not want to put Kevin up.  Alex says that Kevin is one vote in jury and Maven are two.  He is shooting himself in the foot and possibly it may cost him the game.  Jason realizes that he is also alienating Alex, Christmas, and Paul by not making this move since they are working on him to do this.  When Jason leaves the room, Paul suggests in a question if they can get Kevin up there, would they just want to send him home?

Jason calls the Veto Ceremony.  He says that he is either going to make Matt and Raven mad, or make his buddy, Kevin, mad.  He says that there is no way to come out of this without a dirty shirt.  In the meeting he gives them a chance to speak.  Raven says that she trusts him one hundred ten percent and she put him in an extrematard. Matt asks for Jason to remove Raven from the block.  Jason says that he has to deal with his core beliefs and thoughts, and so he has decided not to use the Power of Veto.  He says that he will entertain a question from either one of them if they have one. They do not question him.

Raven is in tears in the diary room.  Raven says that a cowboy does not go back on his word.  Matt says that they duped him and that pissed him off.  He says that there is no respect there. Alex is upset that he did not pull him off. Paul says that Jason blew it when he alienated Alex by not pulling Raven off, and alienated Raven and Matt by not following through with the move he pledged.  

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Thursday at 9 eastern for the fallout that follows Jason after his controversial move.  Watch the live eviction where either Raven or Matt will go to jury, and a new Head of Household will be crowned. Due to football, some markets will air Big Brother on a delayed schedule.  Check your local listings for details.

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