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may30 bb19 recap
By honeySC

Tonight's episode of Big Brother 19 opens with Christmas as the new Head of Household.  With the new Temptation Twist in play, Mark gives safety to Paul for the week as a thank you for giving him the Friendship Bracelet in week one. Already safe this week with his ally in power, Paul is not impressed.

Christmas has nominated Matt and Jason as pawns with Mark as her primary target, but Jason is her secret back-up plan.  Jason is not worried about being on the block because he sees Mark as the target and he feels confident about winning Veto.

Mark, Christmas, and Josh chat and after their chat, Christmas decides that she likes Mark and sees him as genuine.  Josh tells her to wait until after the Veto to see how things go.  Josh wonders about the end of the game, and when Paul chats with them in the HoH, he sees that Christmas and Josh might be a good option.  He thinks that his game would be best if his final ended up with Christmas, Josh, Raven, and Alex.  

Christmas calls the houseguests for the Veto pick.  Christmas picks houseguest choice and she chooses Raven to play.  Christmas picked her on impulse, and when Matt gets houseguest choice, he chooses Paul.  Jason chooses Mark's.  Mark is ecstatic that he has a chance to play for safety, but Jason is worried that should Mark win, he may end up the secondary target.

In the bedroom Alex and Jason worry that Christmas chose Raven over Alex when they wanted the strongest players to play.  Christmas comes in and tries to explain, but she does not make a lot of sense, saying that she wanted a diversity of players.

Mark and Paul chat in the lounge.  Mark says that he is going to win because it is win or go home.  He has four wins and needs to make it five tonight.

Zingbot shows up to harass the houseguests.  Raven and Josh are very excited to have the roast.  He calls them all losers. Who would have thought that a robot who got his shot on a reality show would be president, that is president of Zings. Everyone bows but Kevin.  

Zingbot roasts the houseguests, beginning with Mark and tells him that he is bisexual, because everytime he tried to get sexual with Elena she said, "Bye." Mark gets emotional because he is serious about Elena.  Alex gets, "You seem to be forced to carry around a lot of dead weight, or as he calls it, Jason." Jason says that he pulls his own weight.  Raven gets, "Poor Raven got the clown-atard, the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that is just your face." Raven does not get the zing about her make-up. Josh gets "My heart goes out to you.  You shed so many tears this summer.  Too bad you can't shed any weight." Paul comments that he has been called by both Jessica and Cody and now Zingbot."  Paul gets, "Last summer you taught me a lot about friendship and how to lose a half a million dollars." Alex says she feels bad that Paul lost last season, but not this season when he loses to her. "Matt gets, "Too bad you haven't done anything in the game this season except Raven." Kevin gets, "I hear you like to use Saran Wrap to preserve your youth. News Flash, too freakin' late." Alex gets, "What do you call someone with bleach blond hair, likes to wear cat ears, and likes weiners? Alex."  Christmas, you have such a good heart that he can guarantee that she will find no coal, but she will get seven surgeries, five titanium screws, four...... three."  It was a 12 Days of Christmas tune about her injuries.

Zingbot tells them to prepare for the Veto Competition.  Mark sees no other option than to win the Veto and now that the zings are over they need to get out and play.

The competition is the slip and slide challenge and there are stars, galaxies, and space. They are going to slip and slide across the clouds, and Christmas is not cleared. There is an obscure mention of Trump colluding with "Pungtin." The houseguests can fill their small bowl or the large bowl.  The small bowl is available and if filled first, will release a larger scooper to complete the large bowl in a shorter amount of time.  Paul notes that last time he went for the small bowl and it was a waste of time.

Mark falls repeated and Josh finds it very funny to see "Meatball" on his tush.  Jason gets locked in place with the slime and Paul wavers constantly.  Jason successfully fills his small bowl quickly, and Matt realizes that Raven will be no help to him as she is struggling to make it from end to end.  Jason feels that the big scoop is the way to go since he is full and Paul is just under half full.  He begins with the super scooper to get eight trips with it before he must go back to the small scoop.  Jason is very careful with his super scooper and pulls ahead before going back to his small scoop.  Christmas is counting on Paul to win this, but Jason continues his lead.  Paul feels that with Jason in the lead things are going great. If he wins Veto he will have to choose between Matt and Jason and make one couple mad at him.  He slacks off a bit.  Jason wins the Veto.  Alex tells him that he did not fall down one time.

Jason says that the competition was brutal, but worth it because he has safety. Mark is not about to roll over and die and wants to convince Christmas that he should not be the replacement nominee.  Paul is happy to be safe either way.  Christmas sees an opportunity to put up another from the couples if she decides that is best for her game.

Jason continues to get his "Extreme" comments, but he complains about the heavy helmet and how it is not good for his balding head. He is finally released from his punishment and Alex gets to shed her camping gear. She says that she never wants to see another hot dog in her life.

Mark heads up to the HoH to talk to Christmas and Josh. He hopes that he can change their minds. He says that he is all alone and will pledge his allegience to them. He says that he can also pledge to them that he will break up Alex and Jason. He says that they have Kevin and maybe even Paul.  He says that he will still be the bigger target in the house but they have the chance to take out Alex who is a huge competitor and well liked by everyone. He asks that his comments stay in the room.  Christmas realizes that this may be the only opportunity and Josh thinks that sooner may be better than later.  

Jason calls the Veto meeting and he removes himself from the block. Christmas must name a replacement. Christmas hops up and says that she listened to his campaign to stay and with that she feels her obligation to him has been fulfilled. She nominates Mark for replacement.

Mark says that he is not dead yet and he can still charm a few people.  Matt says that he is doing his part, but he worries that this may be close to his time.  Paul wants to sit on the sidelines and watch the fireworks.  Christmas sees Mark as someone who pledges his loyalty to whoever is in power and thinks that he needs to go, but sees Matt as being a temptation.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Thursday at 9 eastern, for the live eviction episode where either Mark or Matt will be sent to the jury. A new Head of Household competition will crown a new Head of Household.  Caution:  Big Brother may play at an alternate time due to football in some markets. Check your local listings for the time.

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