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may30 bb19 recap
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Tonight's episode of Big Brother19 opens with the Head of Household up for grabs with Derrick LaVassar hosting the challenge.  The houseguests have entered the back yard to "Tales of the Decrypt," an elimination tournament.

In round one Raven faces Mark and then Paul against Alex.  Derrick is setting up the brackets by choosing chips.  Christmas takes on Kevin while Josh takes on Matt.  They must decrypt a clue. This is bitten by snake, and the answer if Ramses.  Raven gets it first, so Mark is eliminated.  

Mark hears the house errupt and it really tells him his standing in the house.  

Paul and Alex and Paul says that it is "battle back showdown" and that answer is Cody.  Alex is out and Paul moves on. Christmas and Kevin get the clue, "tijuana tattoo" and Christmas gets it with Jillian. Josh goes against Matt and the clue is "halting hex" and Josh gets it with Jessica.  Matt is eliminated.

In the next round, Raven goes against Paul and the clue is "never played HOH."  Paul gets it with Cameron and Raven is eliminated. Christmas faces Josh with the clue "first eliminated in OTEV" and Christmas gets it.  Josh is eliminated.

The final round is Paul vs Christmas.  Paul feels that next week is a more pivotal week, so he decides that he is going to toss this one. Christmas is taking her time so Paul buzzes in with the wrong answer, leaving Christmas with the HOH.  He feels it is a good week to be safe with Christmas in charge. Christmas doesn't mind that Paul tossed it to her because she has some moves she wants to make.

Mark is worried, and says that when they smell blood they peck.  He is not going to give up, but realizes that he is going to be the target this week.

Alex wants to get in Christmas' ear.  She wants to see Mark go, but would like to see Kevin as the back-up target since she feels Kevin has been shady.  Alex feels that Kevin was cutting some shady deals with Cody last week, and she is also feeling that maybe Kevin isn't all he said he is since he knows Derrick.  She figures that perhaps he is a cop.  

Alex talks to Jason and then Jason talks to Kevin.  Kevin wants to confront Alex, but Jason doesn't want the two of them to be angry with one another.  Jason says that he can't have his partners blowing up.  Jason then heads to Alex and Alex tells him not to talk game with Kevin.  Alex gets upset with Jason for telling Kevin that. She is so sure that Kevin is a cop.  Kevin walks in and she does not want to go into it with him, so she brings up some little thing to deflect it all.  She says that him constantly asking her about food makes up upset. Kevin tells her he won't do that again and Alex acts like it is all fine again.

Christmas and Josh talk.  Josh is concerned that Cody brought up that Jason and Alex wanted to go after Paul.  He zeroes in on the phrase "was on the fence this week, Mark." He feels that Jason might be a good liar.

Jason gets his HOH basket and photos from his family.  His wife tells him that his town is behind him and he gets an announcement that his wife is having a second baby.  He has a phot of his son and an ultrasound of his new addition.  He is so excited.  He says that this is a driving factor to get him to the end.  He son says that he has to win Big Brother because he is going to be a big brother.

Christmas and Josh have been there for each other.  Josh sees her as a big sister.  Josh needed comfort as he suffered from being separated from his family, and Christmas needs Josh as she struggles with her foot.

Paul says that entering with a huge target on his back, he attached himself with each power couple, being a third with each pair, Jason and Alex, Christmas and Josh, and Raven and Matt. Each couple thinks that he is their third.  

Christmas wants to backdoor Mark even though Kevin has been sketchy. She wants to put up Jason and Matt so that she can take one down and replace them with Mark.  Paul asks who her back-up is and she says Jason.  She feels that there are herself, Josh, and Paul workingn together.  Paul sees that as a good thing because should Jason leave, he would step in to be with Alex.  

Jsosh is losing it, and he is chatting with the stuffed owl.  The houseguests enter the living room to see a tree of temptation.  Paul wonders if he is in the Garden of Eden.  Christmas shares with them that there will be a new temptation twist.  Prior to nomination the tree will turn red and the first houseguest to go to the diary room can claim an apple Once a houseguest claims an apple, they become ineligible to claim another. There are powers and punishments. There is a second veto, a bounty on your head, and more. When the tree goes red, Mark heads to the diary room.  There is no clue which apple is a punishment or a power.  Mark pulls an apple and the holder will share their fate.  This is only good for the one week.  Mark chooses a save a friend power. He tells us that he really does not have any friends in the house, but he might use it as a bargaining tool.  

Christmas decides that backdooring Mark is her objective, but should that fail she wants one of each of the power couple to go up.  Matt says that he does not want Raven up, so he will go up for their pawn. When Matt asks what might happen if Mark wins and does not use the veto, Christmas says that Alex or Jason can go.  Matt asks what if Mark does use the veto and she says that then Kevin can go up.  She does basically the same for Jason and Alex and Jason decides to go up as the pawn.  He feels relatively safe because he has numbers on his side at this point.  

Mark goes to Christmas and talks to her about being alone and being a force in her favor if he is not up this week.  He tells her that he has a respect for her.  Josh is there and they talk after about how he made sense. Christmas thinks that breaking up a power couple this week makes sense.

Christmas calls the house to the Nomination Ceremony.  She asks Mark to decide who he will save this week. He says that he has a chance to pay back a debt and chooses Paul since Paul kept him safe earlier in the game with the friendship bracelet. Christmas then nominates Matt and Jason.  She tells Mark that he is an incredible competitor and that his relationships should explain why she made the nominations she did.

Mark is glad to be repaying the favor to Paul since he said he would try to when he received the friendship bracelet.  Jason says that hearing his name and seeing his face on the nomination block is still worrisome, even though he feels relatively safe with his group. Christmas feels comfortable with her choices because even if Mark plays and wins the veto, she will still have the opportunity to eliminate one member of one of the power couples.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Wednesday at 8 eastern, for the next episode. Will nominees Matt and Jason win the Veto, or will Mark play and win, forcing either Matt or Jason to be eliminated?

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