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Julie Chen welcomes us to day 51 of Big Brother 19 and reminds us that this is not a soap opera.  With Jessica, Elena, and Raven on the block, Josh has his sights set on ousting Elena who he calls "the shady lady."

Who is really in power this week?  While Paul's agenda is to target Jessica and separate the showmance, Josh is focused on Elena, who he believes has fooled most of the house.  

Kevin has decided that it is time to make a few moves, and he speaks to Jessica about having Cody join them to eliminate the showmances.  Kevin points out to Jessica that he has never voted for them and he doesn't intend to vote to send Jessica home this week.  When Jessica points out to Cody that Kevin wants him to join them, Cody asks who is "their side of the house?"  Jessica says Jason, Alex, and Paul.  When she says "Paul" Cody nixes the idea immediately.  Jessica tells him that they will offer him safety for four or five weeks.  He still doesn't budge.

Kevin brings the plan up to Alex and Jason.  Jason seems to be indifferent to the idea, but Alex says that she likes the people she is working with now and it does not make sense to add another person. When Kevin brings Paul up to speed, Paul says that he is not up for it at all.  He tells him that if Cody wins HOH it might be a week of safety for them.

Kevin goes to Cody again with Jason and they discuss the next week.  Kevin finds out that Cody is targeting the couples.  In reality, Cody feels comfortable in putting up any of Kevin's group. After the conversation Jason does not like the idea that the entire group has not agreed to support Cody's entry into the group.  When the group speaks again, Paul is adamently against it, and Alex thinks that this will target their group.  Kevin is alone in his thinking that adding a powerhouse like Cody will solidify their strength in the house.

Jessica is poised to go home tonight, but she is not going down without a fight.  When Josh mentions wanting a shower she asks him if he can spell d-r-o-u-g-h-t.  He counters, at Paul's suggestion by asking her if she can spell e-v-i-c-t-e-d?  It degenerates into an argument when Josh says that he never called them a moron.  He tells them that what they say does not affect him.  She responds, "Ignorance is bliss." The argument disintegrates into a shouting match and Josh says that he has a company.  Jessica out shouts him and finally her insults hit home to Josh. With Paul watching Jessica begins banging wooden spoons and from the living room, Raven, Matt, and Elena watch, while the rest of the house stands on the fringes of the altercation.

Josh heads up to the HOH room and Paul tells him that he stood his ground and that was good.  Josh cries and Matt, Alex, Christmas, Raven, and Paul support him while he regains his composure.  Josh decides that he is going to target Jessica.  

Cody says that Jessica has had a hard fifty days and he is not going to stand by and let Josh harrass her.  When Josh bangs some pots and pans, Cody advances on him and Alex gets between them to keep it from becoming physical.  Kevin sees this and comes to the conclusion that his plan to integrate Cody will not work and Cody has further isolated himself.  

Julie greets the houseguests and gives them each a chance to sway their votes.  Raven says that it has been an amazing summer and she thanks them for making her feel normal.  Elena says that it is never easy to have a false fact or dribble a ball backwards.  She thanks them for their vote to keep her in the house this week.  Jessica tells Cody that everyone told her that she threw her game away for him, but he did not ruin her game, and instead it made it all worth it. She tells them that they have taken half the summer and all of them to get her out.  She tells them that "Mr. Friendship" is trouble and they all need to see that.

The votes:
Alex votes to evict Jessica.
Christmas votes to evict Jessica.
Cody votes to evict Raven.
Kevin votes to evict Jessica.
Paul votes to evict Jessica.
Mark votes to evict Jessica.
Matt votes to evict Jessica.
Jason votes to evict Jessica.

Elena has no votes to evict and safe from eviction. By a vote of 7 to 1, Jessica is evicted from the Big Brother House. Josh immediately beings his circus chant, while Cody sweeps Jessica off her feet, kisses her, and tells her that he loves her as he sees her out the door.  

As Jessica heads to Julie's interview, Paul tells them that they have an HOH to win.  Josh says that Jessica threw away five hundred thousand dollars for Cody.  

Julie asks Jessica about the game and how she isolated herself from the others instead of campaigning for votes.  Jessica says that she put a lot of heart into relationships and those people let her down repeatedly.  She finally just gave up.  Julie tells her that she and Josh were like oil and water and Jessica says that he kicked her while she was down and she does not like him as a person.  She says that she did not give up her game for Cody, but they were support for each other. Julie tells her that from one girl to another, Cody really does loves her.  She says she loves him, of course.

Cody says that he is honored that she gave up her game for him, and he will make it up to her.  Paul says that she gave up her game for Cody and five hundred thousand is an expensive date. He would have settled for a steak and some wine. Alex says that she doesn't understand why Jessica was targeting her but she is glad to see her gone, and in a mischievious tone tells Jessica that she will watch over Cody for her.  Kevin is sorry that she is gone and will miss her.  Josh says that he was not even targeting her this week.  She got under his skin with the spelling game and it cost her her game.  He calls her linguine.  

Julie tells her that Josh was speaking the truth and he was targeting Elena. Jessica says that even Kevin let her believe that she was the target.  She said she was told so many lies that she couldn't believe anyone.

It is time to crown a new Head of Household.  Josh cannot play, but Christmas is able to compete since it is a mental challenge.  This competition is set up as a theater and it is called "Hocus Focus." The houseguests are in booths where they cannot see each other's responses.  They must answer correctly to a magic performance act question to stay in the game.  Answer incorrectly and they will be eliminated.  It is David and Donya performing.

Questions and Responses:

1. T/F One of Donya's dresses has a question mark on it.  True, all right.
2.  T/F Donya's hair color stayed the same throughout the entire performance.  False, Mark, Kevin, Jason, Paul out.
3. T/F Donya's first dress was yellow.  False, all right.
4. T/F David's white suit had a necktie. False, Christmas is out.
5. T/F The blue and yellow diamond dress had 4 diamonds on it. False, Cody, Elena, Matt are out.
6. T/F Donya was wearing the pink dotted dress when David changed suits.  True, Raven is out and Alex wins Head of Household!

Alex cheers, jumps, and gets hugs from her group.  The group of Jason, Kevin, Josh, Paul, Raven and Matt look very happy.  Christmas is standing off to the side, but she is grinning.

Julie asks Alex how she feels, and she says it is amazing.  She thanks her family and she says that she needs Coke.  She says they are out and she drank four bottles.  When asked, Cody says he does not know how he is going to do it without Jessica, and he says he is forever grateful for having her in the game.  Julie tells them that from this moment on they will be in jury, but in this season there will be no Battle Back.  When you are out you are out.  

As the cameras leave the house, Cody is off alone while the rest of the house is cheering and holding Alex up and parading her about on their shoulders.  There is cheering all around.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Sunday at 8 PM eastern to learn who Alex will nominate for eviction and who will choose to play in the Temptation challenge, who will win safety for the week and who will be the third nominee on the block.  Next Thursday, the 17th is a special double eviction episode and on Friday the 18th, there will be a special episode.  

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