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Tonight on Big Brother 19 Josh has nominated Mark and Elena to join Jessica on the block.  Paul sees the opportunity to flush out Christmas' replacement temptation, and asks her if it would be a good idea to use that Ring of Replacement to keep Cody from playing Veto.

Christmas decides to tell Josh about it and she hopes that it will be trust building, and solidify his strength as Head of Household in the house.  Josh is delighted to have that option, and Christmas fills him in on Paul's suggestion.  They decide to see what happens with the Veto pic and make their decision later, but at this point the nominees on the block give him a good choice for eviction.  After they make their decision, Josh goes to Paul with Christmas and explain to him that they really want to see Elena go home.  Josh tells Paul that Elena has been disloyal and she actively campaigned against him to go home.  Paul makes the case that Jessica and Cody both in jury will be one solid vote and that they would vote against Josh should he be there for the win.  Josh and Christmas admit that they did not think about that. The three decide that if Josh wants Christmas to use her Ring of Replacement, he will blink hard as a signal.

Cody and Jessica talk and Jessica hopes that Cody will be picked to play in the Veto so she can a second player in the game who would use it on her.

At the Veto pick meeting, Josh has to pull two chips and he pulls Mark but since Mark is up already, Mark chooses Alex.  He hopes that this will show trust in her. She was outspoken about his connection to Cody and he has been working to build a relationship with her.  Cody has his name pulled and Josh does not blink for a long moment.  Paul is aghast that this week might boil down to one blink from Josh. At last, Josh blinks and Christmas uses her Ring of Replacement temptation replacing Cody with herself.  

Paul is relieved and says that Christmas came early. He says that all the hexes and temptations are now out in the open and are not there to hurt his game anymore. Josh says that he knew that the house wanted to see Jessica evicted and that if Cody did win and did pull Jessica down it would all come back on him.  Jessica and Cody head into the Rose room and Jessica cries on Cody's shoulder.

When Christmas tells Jessica that it is not personal, Jessica says that it is personal.  She says that she actually said nice things about her.  Christmas tells us that she was blindsided by Cody and campaigned against by him and Jessica, and it really was personal.

Jessica tells Cody about the conversation and he comments on her sorcery.  They both know that it is personal.  Jessica tells us that she can be a sore winner, so if she wins this she is going to be very outgoing about her win.

The competition is OTEV.  Christmas has not been cleared to play and must sit out.  The OTEV is a piggy who grows fangs and spews green goo all over them and their ramp.  He is a possessed piglet. He needs souls that they must harness.  In each round they will get a command where they need to collect a number on a "sole" of a shoe.  One seat is eliminated in each round so that the last remaining person with the correct answer will win after four rounds.

They need the number of souls who competed in "Bowl-arina."  The group races around searching for a shoe sole that holds the correct number.  Josh is the first back, followed by Alex and Mark.  Elena and Jessica are neck and neck and both are looking for a "4." Jessica makes it first and Elena is eliminated.

The second round is to bring the number of souls who showed tattoos in "Inked and Evicted."  Alex is back first, followed by Josh.  It is Jessica and Mark who struggle to find the correct number. Paul can see Josh's number 3 and reminds him to hide it. Mark gets his sole and heads back to beat Jessica, who is right behind him. When Mark beats her, she is now eliminated from the competition.  

Round three begins with another spew of green goo and the repossession of the piglet.  He wants the number of souls who gave punishments to other players in the competition.  Mark is back first, followed by Alex. The correct number of soles is ten and Josh is eliminated. Josh is concerned that the nominations remain the same.  

The final round is to bring the number of souls who scored under 20 in "Under the Weather."  Alex knows the answer and races ahead of Mark, nearly cutting him off, where she literally lost her sole. It has come out of her hand and is in the water at the bottom of the ramp. Mark brings a five and is correct.  Alex is eliminated and Mark holds the Power of Veto.

Jessica feels that her game is literally over. Cody comforts her and she tells us that the hardest part of leaving the game is leaving Cody. She does not want him sad or upset.  She looks forward to being with him after the game.  Cody says that he will be angry and then be bummed that he does not have his best friend to talk to.  He says that he takes things personally and it is not just a game. Jessica asks him to be sure and take Paul out after she is gone.

Josh knows that Mark is going to use the Veto on himself and that he is going to have to find a replacement.  Matt offers to be the replacement and Raven also offers.  They feel that there is no better week to be the replacement since they are the closest to the group of all the nominees.

Mark calls the Veto meeting. Mark says that the meatball put him up as a pawn, but he is more of a dessert guy, so he tells the canoli that he is using it.  Josh says that he is naming Raven and she knows the situation.  Mark adjourns the meeting.  

Jessica says that if she is leaving on Thursday she wants to cause a little drama before she goes.  Cody says that he is going to cause problems in the house.  He decides that it is not important that he win, but he does not want them to win.  Raven feels pretty safe, and Elena wants to lay low so she is not a target. Josh still wants to focus on getting Elena out and has to figure out how to bring the house on board with his plan.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Thursday at 9 PM eastern for the live eviction episode. With both Jessica and Elena on the chopping block along with Raven, it is bound to be a nail biter. After the eviction, a new Head of Household will be crowned.

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