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Tonight's show opens with the Head of Household competition in progress.  The houseguests are up on a tilting wall decorated in a space theme.  They must defy gravity in order to remain on the wall while it tilts, sprays water at them, and shoots green slimy goo at them.  

Elena feels strongly that she, Mark, Raven, or Matt must win to be sure that Jessica is the target.  Paul worries that this is his last week of safety and he feels that he needs to create a target to shield him. He wants to cause some chaos to take the attention off him.  Mark's size works against him in this competition and his arms ache quickly.  Joshua doesn't make it long and falls off at 21 minutes.  Mark is out second after his hand, injured in a previous competition doesn't allow him to support himself properly.  Paul is in charge ot shooting goo on them, but it does not deter rodeo clown Jason.  

The first thing Mark asks Paul is about the hinky votes, and unbeknownst to him, at Paul's request, Kevin cast one of the hinky votes to create the chaos.  Raven falls next, and Ramses goes down fourth.  He says he went down because the goo was so slippery that he could not grip th hand holds. Kevin complains about his hand cramping and he lets go.  Jessica is motionless and she is channeling some of Cody's encouragements to keep going.  Matt feels the need to stick it out longer than Jessica, but he loses it and is out.  Dominique feels the need to stick it out longer than Jessica as well, but Jessica, who is losing a fake eyelash, slips off when the wall is tilted forward.  Dominique realizes that her group has the power since it is her group on the block, so she jumps off.

Jason, Alex, and Elena are left. Jason asks Elena how much does she love him? Elena tells Jason that she can stay there the rest of the night and Jason tells her she is going to have to prove it.  Alex is in pain, but she is not giving up.  She says she will stay until her hands fall off.  She wants to make a deal.  Jason knows that he is safe with Alex, and although he is in pain, he only needs to outlast Elena. Alex is saying Hail Marys to give her strength to remain up there.  All thre crouch to relieve the cramping. Jason says that no one on the wall is going home.  When they all agree, Jason drops.  Down to Elena and Alex, Matt is rooting for Elena and Alex swears to keep herself and a few of her people safety.  Alex agrees, and Elena drops. Alex whispers to her that she will keep her word.

Jason feels safe with Alex as Head of Household.  Matt is worried about Alex being HOH, but feels that Elena would crack a deal that would include him. Jessica is not feeling safe.  Alex says that she feels that this is the Hunger Games.  

Paul is very excited to see Alex win HOH since they have been working together low key all week.  Jessica speaks with Jason and says that she is after revenge, and would never come after Alex or him. She points out that she has zero allies and she leads Jason to think of Dominique as the person who weaves the showmances together and Mark as one who betrayed Cody.  

Jason and Kevin talk about Alex making a deal not to put up Elena or her friends. The two talk with Alex about targeting someone other than Jessica. Alex is adament that Jessica goes on the block and points out that it is too early to not be loyal. Alex says that she knows that Jason does not like it, but they have to play it low key this week.  Mark asks Alex if he is safe, and Alex says that it is up to Elena.  If she says that he is safe, he is safe. Mark goes to Elena.

Paul knows that Alex won't target Jason or Kevin, but thinks that with Elena's group safe that Josh who is loyal to him, or Jessica who is alone and not a big threat at the moment, will be the targets. He wants to change the focus, and chats with others to see where he can make a difference.  Elena says that she wants to protect Matt, Raven, Mark Dominique and Paul.  Paul comes up to join them.  Elena does not endorse Mark or Dominique when Alex says those are the ones she wants up.  Elena worries that Alex will not stick to the deal.  When she leaves Paul tells Alex that there is definitely something up.  Paul thinks that Mark might be shady, but Dominique uses her show to get information out of people. She is getting information for her own personal game and he is not into that. Alex begins to see Dominique as a possible second nomination after her natural choice Jessica.

Ramses feels like Kevin is his dad in the hosue.  Kevin says that Ramses has no choice but to look up to him. Ramses is 5'10" and he s 6'3".  Kevin teaches Ramses how to play pool and gives him life lessons. He says that he loves the kid.  

Jessica and Jason have to return to the den of temptation where their curse is lifted. They are out of their toad costumes. They do not have to land on a lily pad, and can actually sit on chairs and on the bar stools.

Raven has gastropheresis and has a stomach pace maker set at nine.  She says that there are 15 settings and when she gets up to fifteen there is no more. She does not digest food without it.  She feels that she has to live life to the fullest.

Christmas returns and says that she had to have donor bone because her foot was so messed up.  She had ten breaks in her foot, six weeks in a brace and then they will see.  It will take a year or more to recover and then arthritis will set in from one to five years and she will have to have a second surgery to fuse the bones when that happens. She is upset, but Jason feels horrible. He can't look at her after crushing her foot when he fell on it as they played in the backyard.

Mark talks with Alex and Alex is not sure how she feels about him, but does agree with Paul that Dominique is a more immediate threat. Dominique heads up to speak to Alex. Alex tells her that they should be solid, and Dominique tells Alex that some of the conversations tell her that there is something there. Dominique tells her that some other people are sketchy, and Alex is not happy that Dominique, although not naming names, is tossing some of her people under the bus.

Alex calls the Nomination Ceremony. She turns two keys and the first is Jessica. The second is Dominique. Jessica is nominated because they have not made a connection, and Dominique is nominated because she said some things during their talk that raised red flags.

Dominique is not mad, but feels betrayed because she does not feel that Alex came to her decision alone.  She is going to work to change some things. Elena is relieved to see that Mark is not on the block, but feels a bit wary, because the week is not over yet, and things may still happen. Jessica expected to be nominated because of her relationship with Cody. Alex feels that it is great that she and Paul are working together and together they are going to flip the house. Paul says that together they are going to create some chaos and working with her is a great thing.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS at 8 eastern on Wednesday to see who plays and who wins the Veto Competition. Join Big Brother at 9 eastern on Thursday to see who is evicted in the Live Eviction Episode.  There will be a special episode on Friday, July 21 as Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and the next evictee battle for a chance to return to the house.  As the third temptation notes, one houseguest will be able to halt a return to the house. The third temptation is now available for America's vote and is called the Halting Hex. Each temptation will come with consequences for other houseguests. America can vote for at until July 19th at 8:59 AM Pacific time. You may cast ten times each day, but cannot vote for either Paul or Christine since they have already won temptations.

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