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Julie Chen welcomes us to the Live Eviction Night on Big Brother 19, and begins the night by telling us that whoever is evicted tonight will leave the show to join the other evictees who will participate in a Battle Back into the house.

Alex grins as she watches Josh battle it out verbally with Jessica and Cody. Josh calls Cody a meathead. When Jessica tells Josh that he is a pawn between two groups of the house, he tells her that she will be gone before he will.

Christmas informs the house that she is to have surgery on her foot on Wednesday and she has an option to stay in the house.  No competition will be altered to adapt to her foot, but she chooses to stay and recuperate in the house. The others cheer for her decision.

Dominique confesses that she was totally wrong about Cody.  She thought he was a team player in the beginning, but learned differently. Jessica, knowing that she has to stay and change her status in the game speaks with Christmas.  Christmas says that she honestly doesn't feel that Jessica had any influence in Cody's decisions, but when she broke her foot, Jessica and Cody had no compassion for her and she took that as a personal attack. Jessica calls her a mean girl when she won't let her express herself. Christmas confesses that it may not have been in Jessica's best interests to have called her that when her back is against the wall.

Julie informs us that Christmas' surgery was a success, but she has not yet been medically cleared to leave the hospital.  She will appear live from her hospital room to cast her live vote to evict.

Cody wants to stir things up before he goes. Raven made Dominique a gluten free cake for her birthday, and they want it to be the best ever, even if there are no gifts. Jessica is in the diary room and she cries about being on slop, not being able to enjoy the cake with Dominique and the restrictions tripped from her.  She dissolves in tears. Cody tells her that he did not take into consideration the effect his decisions would have on her and tells her that it was selfish of him. She says it just gets harder.

Cody feels bad about the position he put Jessica in and goes to Christmas and she tells him that she feels that she had distain from him.  He tells her that it was not him, but Mark and Dominique suggested that she be nominated. Christmas says it may be because she had a good relationship with Paul.  He tells her that the strongest people in the game are her, Alex, and Jessica. Christmas says that she is not sure why he is telling her this.  She is not sure that she believes him whole heartedly, but Mark does keep his distance and Dominique is distant from everyone.

Dominique holds a talk show each week with Kevin as her second. They are interviewing the nominees this week. Cody tells her that he did not like Paul at all, as he was brash and over the top.  Cody tells Josh that he does not exist in his book. When Dominique points out that there were organically formed groups when he was Head of Household and Cody says that one or two people were always informed about the decisions he was making. Mark asks if that information will help Jessica in the game.

Later Mark and Matt discuss with Paul that one or two people know and Paul says that he is just dropping bombs. Paul says that what he just dropped won't hurt him, but it could hurt both of them. Paul wonders why Dominique would bring those questions up, and thinks that she may be on the other end of an eviction if she keeps it up.

Julie tells the houseguests that Christmas had a successful surgery and all went well, but she has not been cleared to rejoin them. She tells them that she will vote from her hospital room.

Julie tells the nominees to take a moment to make a last plea to the houseguests.
Alex tells them that she wants to stay and deserves to stay. Ramses really wants to stay, and says that it will suck if they send him home when he put himself on the block. Cody says goodbye to Jessica and says hello to family.

The votes:
Jessica votes to evict Ramses.
Kevin  votes to evict Ramses.
Christmas (by phone, live) votes to evict Ramses.
Raven votes to evict Cody.
Dominique votes to evict Cody.
Mark votes to evict Cody.
Jason votes to evict Cody.
Josh votes to evict Cody.
Elena votes to evict Cody.
Matt votes to evict Cody.

Alex is safe with zero votes to evict, and by a vote of seven to three Cody is evicted from the Big Brother house. Cody huges it out wtih Jessica and carries her to the door. He whispers that he wants her to be his girlfriend. The rest of the houseguests line up while he kisses her, and he leaves with no words to the others, no goodbye at all, to join Julie in her interview chair.

The houseguests assemble in the kitchen to watch his photo go dim. Paul notes that he did not say goodbye. Elena comforts Jessica as she watches the memory wall.

In the interview Julie comments on asking Jessica to be his girlfriend and then asks Cody why he told no one about wanting to blindside Paul. Cody says that he did not want anyone to know so that no one could get in Paul's ear, and he wanted it to be his big move. Julie asks why when Paul pulled out the pendant, did he choose Christmas, an alliance member?  Cody says that she was on the outskirts of the group and she was close to Paul. He says that he nominated a third of the cast. Julie asks why he didn't battle to stay, but threw in the towel. She tells him that he did stir things up?  Cody says that he knew there was no loyalty and the others are Paul's groupies. He knew it when they all got Paul tickets to play in Candy Crush. Julie asks him if he has any kind of social game?  Cody says that he hates the Den of Temptation. Paul has safety and can play competitions. He had to nominate a third of the cast in one week. Julie asks him what he would say about him getting another chance.  He says that he would says she was lying. She tells him that he, Cameron, Jillian, and next week's evictee will get a chance to battle back in the game. Cody is shocked and says that he did not think that he would exit to people who cheering for him either. Julie tells him that he will get that chance to rejoin the game.

It is time to find a new Head of Household and heading outside we find the houseguests on the wall. Its the Wall Competition. Julie tells us that had Christmas been here tonight she would not have been cleared for this competition.  This wall tilts and has hand holds in increments. The footrests are very ample compared to other competitions. The wall tilts forward. Paul, unable to compete, sits in what looks to be NASA seating. The wall is decked out to look like a space terminal. Julie tells them that in space even Big Brother can't hear the screams. Water begins to spray on the houseguests.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS at 8 eastern on Sunday to see who becomes the new Head of Household and learn who is nominated for eviction. There will be a special episode on Friday, July 21 as Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and the next evictee battle for a chance to return to the house.  As the third temptation notes, one houseguest will be able to halt a return to the house. The third temptation is now available for America's vote and is called the Halting Hex. Each temptation will come with consequences for other houseguests. America can vote for at until July 17th at 8:59 AM Pacific time. You may cast ten times each day, but cannot vote for either Paul or Christine since they have already won temptations.


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