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Tonight on Big Brother 18, the Head of Household has nominated both Megan and Jillian for nomination, and first HOH Cody bluntly told Megan that he nominated her because he just doensn't like her. With the Den of Temptations open, America has voted one houseguest to face a temptation.

Paul thought that he would be on the block and thought that with his second place last year that he would sit on the block weekly.  Jillian is upset that she has been on the block since the first day. Megan is upset at the personal attack. Josh and Cody have both attacked her verbally and she is stressing. She is not sure that she can handle it. Jillian speaks with Josh and he tells her that he cries every day. He tells her that there are good people in the house. They hug it out.

Elena is flirting with Mark and he is enjoying it. Cody is taken with Jessica and Raven is enjoying Matt's attention. They have even come up with couple's names, Maven, Jody, and Marlena.

Josh and Mark discuss their home situations. Mark reminds Josh that Josh will go home to family in October, while Mark, who has lost both of his parents, will go home to no one. He tells him to look at it in perspective.

The Have Not's are Josh, Ramses, Megan, Jillian, Paul.  They have cold showers, slop, and a miserable bed of spikes. They have a temptation which is to choose to tempt fate and ask for a key in the diary room. The first to ask shall receive. There are two padlocks in the Have Not room and they may unlock one. One of the choices is a reprieve from Have Nots for the week, the other is an extension. The beds look absolutely horrid.

An issue arrives when Megan tells Alex that Jessica called her Panda. Jessica gets wind of it and goes to Alex. Alex is not sure why her ally Megan would do it. Alex is told that Megan made it up. Alex, Jessica, and Megan get into it. Megan insists, even in the diary room that she did not say it. Alex tells her she is not her friend any more.  When Megan enters the room, Alex and Jillian leave. Megan heads to the diary room and then tries to calm herself down. Shaking, she re-enters the diary room. She says that she can't do this.

The house sits around and discusses Megan's disappearance. Cody says she is probably crying. Alex says she does not want her to cry. Paul, Ramses, and Jillian head out to look for her after she is gone three hours. More time passes and Cody calls everyone to the living room. He announces that due to an urgent personal matter, Megan will not be with them this summer. Paul hopes that she is okay, and Kevin hopes she is alright. Cody announces that he has to make another nominee tomorrow. Jillian is worried that against someone else she may go home. He confesses that he has a lot of power this week.

Cody's allies want to see Alex gone, but Cody wants to keep Alex. Jessica is on a campaign to convince him to nominate her. On the outside, Jillian is sure that either Alex or Ramses will go up against her and seal her eviction fate.

Paul decides to take the Have Not temptation. Paul says that the bed is uncomfortable, and he uses the key on the orange lock. He is rewarded with relief from Have Not.

The houseguests enter the living room to learn of the Den of Temptations. Each week, one houseguest will be awarded by America to be tempted. To keep it secret, each houseguest will enter each week, unless they have already been awarded the temptation. The entrance is where the phone booth was last season. Jessica is first, but she is not the tempted. Kevin is also not rewarded. Josh goes, and when he returns, the others think he may be the one. Cody hopes the power is his, but he is not the one. Paul is selected by America. He comments that this room looks like his bedroom. He is told that he is safe for three weeks, but one houseguest will be cursed because of it. He takes the pendant. He has to choose a potion bottle that is connected to a houseguest by a number that he cannot see. His power will only be revealed if he is nominated for the block. The potion bottle he chose matches the number 2. The consequence released on the house is announced by telling them that the next time they go to the Den they should be worried.

Matt and Kevin discuss the women and Matt is pretty sure that girls will sleep with boys this summer. Cody has mad respect for Alex and asks her what he could do to get her to join his team. She isn't into playing nice and tells him that it would not last. When Cody calls the houseguests to the dining room table he announces that he has nominated Alex. He said that he was looking for common ground with her, but he likes and respects her, and wants her to have a chance with the Veto and compete against him for it. Jillian says that it may be good that it is Alex, her friend, on the block since Alex is a bigger target and that may keep her in the game. Alex realizes that she and Cody are the biggest competitors in the house and she is ready for him to bring it on.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS at 8 eastern on Wednesday for the Veto Competition and learn if the Power of Veto is used, and if so, on whom. We will also learn the victim of the consequence of the Power of Protection. The next temptation is called the Ring of Replacement and will come with a consequence. Voting is open at

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