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by MattD

Hello again everybody!!!   It's Day 72, just 20 days to go, and still eight people in the house. Matt is leaving tonight, making it seven, leaving us five more evictions, including four before finale night. It really should have been a fairly routine week, and on paper I suppose it was. But well it was not. We saw Raven and Matt go ballistic, we saw pretty much everyone pick a fight with Kevin (except Paul who pretty much set this up), and then Jason's comment/joke/whatever that was supposed to be. Anyway as always there is much to discusss, these are my thoughts:

Monday Day 69 is when the season officially went off the rails. It started off pretty well. Jason didn't use the veto like he said he wouldn't, and as a result we had some really great feeds there for awhile. Then Christmas picked a fight with Kevin because he asked her if she was going in the pool or something, Josh jumped in and went at it with him, then Kevin got really upset and appeared to maybe lung at him with a glass in his hand at which point they then cut the feeds for about an hour, making us wonder if Kevin had struck him. He hadn't of course,  but that wasn't the end of the excitement for the day. Matt had already stated he was ignoring the have-not rules for the rest of the week, and he followed through that. Then after I had stopped watching they were bashing Kevin in the HOH like they have been, and then Jason (the one that took all the crap for not putting Kevin on the block and saving him) joked that when he got out of the house he was going to rape Kevin's wife and tie up his daughters and make them watch. As disgusting as that is, him of all people. I mean, he's one of the ones that was pretty well liked, they had that wonderful segment with his family on last week's show, and HE'S the one that said something like that. I can't imagine what would have to go through ANYONE's mind to say such a thing, like what do you think about all day? At first I thought I read that Josh had said it. I've tried to like him, and I do more often than not and more than most of the others, but he's such a loose cannon, *maybe* he could get that carried away, and he had had the fight with Kevin earlier, but even that shocked me at the time thinking it was him, (I'll admit I'd have been shocked if any present or past houseguest had said it). But then I read more closely Jason said it ???!!!!. Monday was the day where the season went from an entertaining but largely unlikeable cast, to absolutely disgusting. Jason's statement was the wheel going off of the rail.

Rules and whatever: As mentioned Matt being the little baby b---- that he is, threatened to and then proceeded to eat regular food while on slop and sleep in a regular bed. For starters I think it's pretty stupid to even do the have not thing anymore. They don't even have a have/have not comp on TV, and when the HOH makes his or her picks, they don't even show that on TV anymore. Frankly I liked the old days better when there was a food comp, and the losers had to eat PB & J all week. Sometimes the whole house got to compete as one. You'd have the excitement of the HOH being decided on live TV on the Thursday show (we sometimes get that now), then on the Sunday (or Saturday a long time ago) you'd have the food comp, then finally the nominations. Anywho, back in BB8 Jen was the first person to blatantly ignore being on slop (others have done minor things, like once on BB2 Krista ate a few Cherios that was supposed to be for the pet pig they had for a few weeks). Production didn't really have a plan for this. At first if you'll recall they said if she were to be in the house the next week, she'd have a penalty nomination, and for a little while Dick and the others talked about saving her because of this. They reasoned that they could be done with Jameka that week and then it wouldn't matter who won HOH because she would already be on the block. That's when production came up with the penalty vote instead. In BB17 Audrey in addition to refusing to attend the veto meeting, ignored being a have-not as well, and got the same meaningless vote cast against her.  People wanted Matt expelled, and perhaps he should be, and perhaps production would also like to be able to do that, but it's likely they can't. They would have to specifically include that in the contract that is signed when they enter the house. Now all three times the person that has violated the slop/have-not rule has been in a situation where they were going to be voted out that week for sure, so the penalty vote is meaningless and production knows it. If they keep doing this have-not thing, then starting next season, the rule should be if someone blatantly ignores the rule, then give them a penalty vote like they did to Matt. But, then announce if it continues the consequence will be 1 ) you're immediately expelled from the house. 2 ) If the game is far enough along, you do not get your jury vote, and do not go the jury house, and 3 ) You lose 50% of the stipend you have earned to that point. Again I think the whole have-not thing is silly, but you have to make it hurt if they disobey it.


Paul 3-2
Christmas 4-1
Josh 5-1
Jason 7-1
Alex 8-1
Kevin 20-1
Raven 40-1
Matt (No odds)

Paul 3-2: He's in every alliance, and everyone wants him in their final three. He indirectly caused everyone to turn against Kevin, it's a seed he planted about 3 weeks ago, talking negatively about him to most everyone, and it slowly grew. Yet Kevin seems to think he's an ally. I can't say he's not playing a great game to this point, but it sure hasn't been enjoyable. Raven will be happy to have him as a "ride or die" after this week, and I doubt Kevin evicts him, but it's going to get a little trickier from here. First of all he really can't win anything, or get exposed. If he has to break a deal, it could cause a chain reaction of people comparing notes. And will he win in the finals this time if he makes it? Someone on twitter made the point of how would he handle the questions? Would he admit he was playing most of them the whole game? If not then does he act like he did nothing? He only has to lose once.

Christmas 4-1: Grading on a curve, I like her better than most, and I think she's done well playing with a broken foot for nearly the whole game. But man, she is irritable, and as Evil Dick tweeted she throws gasoline on every fire that pops up. I still think she has the next best chance at winning.

Josh 5-1: He knows the game way more than he lets on, but I'm not sure he gets the jury votes necessary to win of he makes it. If Paul goes too deep in the game with the Josh/Christmas alliance , then that could be his (Paul) undoing.

Jason 7-1:  Up until his rape joke he was having a pretty good day as far as popularity outside the house. People were happy he saved Kevin, people were happy one of Raven/Matt were going to be going home, and people were happy he did something Paul didn't want him to do. A couple people suggested voting him AFP. And then....boy. It'll be a long time before he bounces back from this.

Alex 8-1: I wonder how much of this they'll show on TV, will they show all the ganging up on Kevin or will they just show Alex as the villain? The reason I wonder is in BB15 on the TV episodes they made it out like it was just Aaryn that made racial remarks. Alex deserves to be unpopular as she hates Kevin for really no reason. She has recently stated if Kevin wins AFP, she will kick him in the balls on stage.

Kevin 20-1:  Hang in there as long as you can big fella.

Raven 40-1: Speaking of BB15, GinaMarie has started a GoFundMe page so she can fly to California and fight Raven.

Matt (no odds): For those of you that don't watch the feeds, his voice screeches when he's mad.

Predictions:  Thanks to the Penalty vote, it'll make it 6-0 to vote out Matt. Next week will be a double eviction, and I'll predict Kevin and either Jason or Alex will be the 2 evictees.

That's all for now, enjoy the show!!!

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