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Written by Matt Dowwen

Once again a very pleasant hello to everyone!!!  Finally we've come to the end of the Big Brother week. As you know the week has gone according to plan, from even before the HOH started last week, the plan for most of the house was to get rid of Cody, and tonight Cody will be gotten rid of. From what I understand last night was a pretty hectic night on the feeds although it won't have any immediate effect on the game. Whether it planted some seeds for the future only time will tell. As always there is much to discuss, there are my thoughts:

What's with all the injuries this year? Christmas is in the hospital right now with her broken foot, and now Raven got injured falling down the steps and had to have stiches on her foot. And don't forget earlier Mark broke or jammed his finger really bad. This might be a good season for them to skip the alcohol. We've already had Megan leave the house without being evicted. This sort of thing really messes with the schedule, we can't lose any more. Good thing Christmas didn't have to leave. Give these people some alcohol and the last thing we might see is someone getting injured playing pool, or Cody grabbing a knife and saying "here we go", or someone yelling out "Watch this I'm going to try something I saw on a cartoon once!!"  Let's not take any chances.

Looks like we got ourselves an extra show next Friday: Might it be a "Battle Back" competition? What else could it be? I suppose there are other options, but why else would they have a show at this point? And you know they're going to bring someone back especially since we lost a houseguest with the Megan situation. Last year they brought two back (with Victor being both people), so now this year we'll almost certainly have someone saved with the "Halting Hex" they way Frank was saved in BB14, making it a non-eviction night. So that's one. I would bet on a "Battle Back" comp although there would be one less person playing in it than last year I believe. Last year there were 5 people playing in it (Glenn, Jozea, Victor, Bronte, and Tiffany). Cameron apparently hasn't been heard from since he was evicted so that obviously tells you something. (Personally I think he should have replaced Megan if he was indeed being sequestered). On top of all that if the person who gets tempted uses it next week, that would take another person away. We'll stay tuned for this one.

Odds: It's still way to early in the game to pick a winner. Earlier in the week Alex made some silly comment that Paul's gonna win the 500k and maybe one of us can get the 50K. And since Raven has spoke up about her condition, there's people in the house saying she should win the 500K, which has pissed people off around the internet. In reality the games going to go in a million different directions between now and finale night. It's July 13th, finale night is September 20th. That's a long long ways off. Anyways last week I had the top 11 people between 9-1 and 14-1, this week I have the top 9 between 7-1 and 13-1. There's just too many people left in the game for any one person to have a great chance at this moment. Here goes:

Mark 7-1
Paul 7-1
Raven 8-1
Matt 9-1
Elena 10-1
Christmas 11-1
Dominque 12-1
Kevin 12-1
Alex 13-1
Jason 15-1
Ramses 15-1
Josh 18-1
Jessica 25-1
Cody 50-1

Mark 7-1:  I don't know how strong of a player he's going to be at this point. If he can win some things and make some moves at the right time he could win. Of course you can say that about a lot of people, but he seems to be sitting pretty good assuming there's no lingering damage from what happened last night on the feeds. I'd be surprised if he's in any real danger the next couple of weeks.

Paul 7-1:  He's got a better chance of winning than just about everybody else. Once his safety is up he has as good of a chance as anyone to be the next one out in any given week. My gut feeling is he's not going to win. I think at some point someone with power will decide they have a better chance without him in the game than with him in the game. As far as the rest of the house being "sheep" remember 3 things: 1) the season is 92 days long, just because people are falling in line behind him now doesn't mean it's going to continue forever. 2) he was HOH this week, plus already had a target in mind, so why wouldn't you go with the flow? 3) he has safety for another week after this, so why would you plot his demise now? Heck if I was in the game I'd let him be his loud overbearing self for the time being. Pick your spots with him, if you go for his head you better get him with your first swing.

Raven 8-1: I don't want to get into the condition she and her Mom has but it sounds really awful. Look it very well could be tricky for someone to knock her out and be that person that takes the money away from her. But in previous seasons people have said things like they'd rather see somebody else win than themselves. In BB2 Hardy and I think Nicole said on a few occasions they'd rather see Krista win than themselves. Kent called Hardy out on it at the weekly house meeting once (that's what they did that season on the third show before there was POV). In BB8 Nick said that about someone or other. If someone says they'd rather see Raven win than themselves I'll believe it when I see it.

Matt 9-1:  Hasn't done a lot so far, but not a target at the moment.

Elena 10-1: Hasn't been in any trouble so far, but I don't have as much confidence in her as I do with the other people in the couples.

Christmas 11-1:  Her social game is getting to be a bit much for some people. I'd like her chances better if she didn't have a broken foot. For example tonight's HOH is supposed to be endurance. I can't imagine they'd have one she could compete in. The only way would be if they wanted to have one like they had in BB6 that took until 10 in the morning or whatever it was where all you had to do was keep your finger on a button. Mentally that was probably the toughest endurance comp ever, but physically the harder it is the shorter it lasts, so they've been going that way ever since then. She had a talk with Cody before she left for the hospital, so I don't know if that will change her mind on how she wants to play the game in the near future.

Dominque 12-1: I didn't have a problem with her little talk show she's been doing every night, but last night for some reason I guess she asked some questions that rattled some people. There's a ton of down time in there so I understand why you'd do some things like that, in fact some days all there is is down time. I want to see her win an HOH or something and see what her strategy would be.

Kevin 12-1: The idea that Paul came up with and Kevin agreed to is for him to cast another "hinky" vote like he did last week , this time against Ramses but assume people would blame it on Jason. It makes for fun feeds after the show is over when the votes don't come out right, but it's not very good strategy. If you gain anything it's minimal, and if you get caught it could really hurt you. I enjoy Kevin and I hope he's there until well into September, but if he keeps doing this he'll get caught.

Alex 13-1: Right now she's too easy to put on the block as a pawn, and that's not good. She needs a week where she gets into a new alliance, and gets more established in the majority of the house.

Jason 15-1: It's not hopeless for him, but I feel like he's likely to be the next person to be nominated that hasn't been yet. He's too tied in with Cody and Jessica whether he wants to be or not. Paul was lecturing him on that the other day.

Ramses 15-1: Well he's on Paul's bad side, and that's not a great place to be a the moment. On the surface it doesn't seem reasonable to expect someone to throw a veto comp while on the block, but Cody pissed off soo many people last week, it wasn't risky for him to do so. In the DR he kept saying he was trying to throw, but just seeing the TV footage he sure looked to me like he was going for it. It was a tough situation for him. I really don't know if he can come back from this.

Josh 17-1:  You can't say this guy isn't entertaining. A lot of people are voting for him to win the temptation, and since there doesn't seem to be a clear consensus on who to vote for, he could get it I suppose. He's too much of a loose cannon for me to vote for him, but we'll see.

Jessica 25-1: I can't imagine a scenario where she goes all the way to the end, makes the final 2, and wins the vote. There's a few people that think we need her and Cody so the feeds will be fun or entertaining or whatever, I myself don't find either of them entertaining or amusing.

Cody 50-1: A few years ago when production helped Frankie I pointed to other instances when this happened and said when production helps someone you like, remember they can just as easily help someone you don't. Last year all over twitter and elsewhere people thought it was the greatest thing that Victor won the Battle Back, then after being evicted a 2nd time won another comp to get to play a 3rd time. When I don't like a twist I make sure to complain about it even if it helps someone I like for that reason. Now with the "Halting Hex" as one way for someone to get a 2nd chance, I don't think we'll see the same person come back twice, but in theory if they do things the same way this season as last, Cody could do what Victor did. This is the same week Victor got evicted the first time (one less player left because of Megan), so history could repeat itself but in Cody's favor. Obviously we don't know for sure what will happen on the show they have a week from Friday, but it's worth pointing out.

Predictions: Cody gets evicted 7-3 with Jason, Jessica, and Kevin dissenting. Who's good at endurance? I bet my money on Alex for HOH tonight if it is indeed endurance. I don't like making long-term predictions but if the 2 double evictions are about the same time in the game as usual, I'll take a wild guess and say Paul will be evicted on the first one, and Kevin the 2nd one.

Ok that's all for now!! Enjoy the show!!

MattD  (@MattD34 on twitter)


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