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july2 Paul Fix
By Al Mellis

Enough is enough, I am tired of hearing Paul whine about not winning Big Brother 19.

In the few days since the finale of Big Brother 19 we have heard everything possible from Paul about why he thinks he lost Big Brother 19.  We have heard everything but the truth from him. It is probably true that Paul put all he had into it and now is in need of professional help in order to live with the fact that he is responsible for his own failure to win.

Even Julie Chen in her backyard interview said if he had only not made the faces while Josh was speaking and If Paul had shown a little humble in respect to his game moves he may have been chosen the winner.

As much as Paul likes to slam dunk his wins in such things as Head of House competitions and Veto Comps, he showed no ability to win gracefully, maybe it is just not part of his make up?

Enough with the sour grapes. Jury management is as important as any other part of the game.

Jury management is where Paul failed. If this was Survivor Paul would have been viewed as Russel Hantz was and would have been rejected as a winner. Paul wanted to win on his own terms but the game has own rules and in the end he lost to the game because he ignored Jury management.

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