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By Vicki Cobb

I feel the need to rant! I've spent this season reading comments in chat rooms, on Facebook and on Twitter... and it has been vicious!

I'm so over this whole argument of America's FAVORITE Player. It's not who got treated unfairly, who didn't get a temptation, who targeted Paul, who played dirtiest or cleanest game, who was the "cutest" couple, which winner will hurt Paul more (as if he gives a damn), and it's certainly not who played the best game, because, like it or not, that will be the winner and runner up...

Also fed up with crying "bully" if someone's favorite doesn't get his/her way. Unless someone physically attacks another houseguest in anger, it is not bullying. Telling another houseguest, "if you don't throw it or vote my way, you're going up/out next week"... not bullying, it is manipulation, it is strategy, it is psyching another player! Yelling, arguing, food fights, and banging pots and pans is not bullying. Oh, and anyone going into that house to play, knowing they have a history with PTSD is taking foolishness to a whole new level! I have a PTSD trigger and wouldn't got into that house for millions of dollars, because I respect myself and my mental health!!

So very tired of the constant whining that the show is fixed... EVERY DAMN.SEASON. I remember it was Amanda would win because she was a friend of Allison, Jesse because he is Allison's favorite, Frankie because he was the brother of Ariana and Allison loves him, fixed for Boogie, fixed for Janelle, fixed for Jordan, fixed for Jeff, fixed for Dan, fixed for Vanessa, fixed for Rachel, fixed for Elyssia because she's Rachel's sister, fixed for Paulie because Allison liked Cody, fixed for Frank Eudy because Allison likes him ... the list goes on and we have to hear it every season by those that dislike certain returning houseguests. Remember the season of coaches - four veterans were given safety until the reset (four weeks)! Oh, and because someone decides to work with a returning houseguest, it doesn't make them sheeple!! IMHO, it makes them smarter by sticking close, using them as a shield, and learning from them.

It is a game of lying, strategic manipulation, backstabbing, using weaker houseguests for votes and/or throwing comps, hurt feelings, betrayal, avoiding the block, and weekly evictions - all for a prize of $500K or $50K. It is a cutthroat game - I cut yours before you cut mine. There is one winner, one runner up. Every one else goes home or to jury - and they ALL get paid for their time!

*Steps down from soapbox*... you may now resume complaining, arguing, criticizing, and whining about the game, Paul, Cody, Jessica, Christmas, Josh ....

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