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july14 Backyard Chat
By Cozy2

Hi everyone! Which way will Paul blow the wind this Wednesday?!!  The boy is close to untouchable but there is always the veto if Alex wins it, Paul goes up it would be hard to believe if Josh is a supe fan he would keep Paul over Christmas but who knows maybe he’s hoping on a bitter jury!!

Kevin survives a double elimination, they know though he hasn’t done anything but eat BB’s food and take up space in a twin bed, the jury will also see he has no blood on his hands like the rest of the group. He hasnt a clue who any of the past players were in that competition, but has realized how close he is to the end and that he may have to make his own dinner for the next week! Is he that naive that he doesnt realize he is the pawn they all think they can beat in the end?

This is always fun when they start turning on each other. Which one of these will now become a “Revenger” in the next sequel? That was fun to see some of the old players again. CBS did a great job on costumes and make up, and even the zombies were cool. Does anyone else notice how short these competitions have been becoming?  How many times do they have to ‘throw’ the competitions and hand it to someone else? I don’t care for that mentality of game play, I would rather see them challenge each other a bit.

Paul has been going around and securing his final two’s…just like he did attaching himself to the couples. If he makes it thru to final four, these guys  better start talking to each other about Paul!! Christmas just doesn’t want to hear it from Josh about Paul and that’s a shame, in his goofy meatball way he has been the first to really catch on and speak out about Paul’s  ‘friendship’ with each player.

Alex, poor Alex, she is in a pickle, she is realizing the end is soon and if she doesn’t win this veto, she doesn’t have enough ammo to convince Paul and Christmas not to vote her out. They are the only two voting on Wednesday night for the special eviction. Hate to rewrite this a bit but Paul won the veto, and I am pretty sure, he has left the noms the same, as it would then be his girl Christmas going on the block, I certainly don’t see him saving Alex.

So is your favorite houseguest still in the house? Its going to be taking a turn again from Mental to emotional and they all seem to forget any physical competitive aspect (they just throw whatever comp to not endure that!), and Josh is right to suggest a tie and let Paul sweat a bit letting him choose just like Christmas did but I just don’t see that happening, so see ya later Alex..will Josh fill her in for the jury?  That may be his last chance for votes in the jury, if he sits Alex down and tell him all about Paul’s scheming, they could (the jury) agree with Josh and Paul could end up out the door before the finale or in 2nd place once again, at this point, Paul has become a friend, a villain, and a hardcore BBfan and player. People will either tire of him in the near future or look forward to him in Bold and the Beautiful once again.

 I also wanted to acknowledge 9/11 and all of the Hurricane victims just in case they don’t or have not told the houseguests, you all are in my thoughts and prayers today.


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