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july14 Backyard Chat
by Cozy2

Hi everyone~! And then there were five..who would have thought that Kevin would be the ultimate pawn at this point in the game, these guys are going to seeth when they realize he already won 25g’s!!

So Jason was a bit upset last night on his exit, can’t really blame Christmas for knocking him out at this point in the game. Hopefully they will show us a bit of the Jury House with Matt, Jason and Raven showing up on Sunday.

Alex sure was upset, and Paul almost seems a bit frantic trying to keep others from talking game to her (Christmas and Josh)…last night Josh won the HOH, and he realizes he made it to the final four, and I think he is really torn about his alliance with Paul. If he is smart, he will either put him up and hope he doesn’t win the veto, or back door him but I think Christmas and Alex would save him over Kevin, Alex despises Kevin.

I am looking forward to the next two weeks of competitions, and the finale in two weeks..This summer went by fast. I also can’t wait to find out who is going to enter the house this fall. I assume it will be ‘D’ listers, but who knows who CBS considers a celebrity, and did any of the BB past houseguests meet celebrity status.

So it’s all up to Josh, what is he going to do? I assume he puts up Alex and Kevin, and the play hard for the POV, if either of the nominees win it, I would imagine Paul will be on the block for the first time this season. I have to say, if Paul does make it to final two, I do not see him winning (again!) as it is going to be a bitter jury this time unless Dr. Will convinces them to vote without ‘emotions’…they all are mad at him, and Jason and Matt are going to make sure the rest of the jury knows he is the true puppet master, just amazes me the difference in his game play from last season to this one.

The house seems to get pretty boring now that it is dwindling down in people, they aren’t yelling and screaming and bullying each other like they did with all that male testosterone that was floating around the past few weeks. Who do you think Josh will put up for eviction? Is your favorite player still in the game? I hope we get to have a fan vote for something soon, it seems they forgot us this season when they took on this ‘temptation den and tree’. Enjoy your day. Cozy2

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